Collaboration fosters innovation while cultivating growth and success

Collaboration is a guiding principle at Wellness Wishes 

Without it, our individual teams and family, as a whole, would not experience the success like we have today

Collaboration doesn't necessarily 'start' anywhere, but is present at the top, bottom and integrated the whole way through the Wellness Wishes system.  From board members and consultants, from funding personnel and volunteers, our achievements are built on collaboration.  

Key components of our collaborative efforts are also evidenced from our partnering organizations, other non-profits that share the same passion and missions; and we couldn't be where we are today without the gracious gifts from our contributors and club members. 

Follow the links below to take you to more detailed information on all the collaborators that are invaluable in helping Wellness Wishes grant wishes each and every day:


Our partners hold a special place in our hearts. In true collaborative spirit, Wellness Wishes works closely with our partners, sharing passion, values, missions and resources in a cooperative effort to fund initiatives for the greater good.


Notable Non-Profits

Part of Wellness Wishes' vision is to work with and fund other non-profits and philanthropy movements with the ideology that combining forces makes our communities exponentially better.



Members of the Wellness Wishes family are invaluable to helping us fund initiatives to rebuild a healthier future for the greater good.  They contribute in various ways to our 4 branches of impact, various causes, programs & services; and we couldn't be more grateful!

Image by Dimitri Houtteman

Club Members

All our founding club members are special to the Wellness Wishes family.  With 4 different clubs to join, our members go above and beyond in contributing to our causes (first responders, veterans and animals), from all walks of life (including young professionals).

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