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About Us
Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Wellness Wishes Incorporated is an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works with program recipients and partners across the country.

Since the beginning, we have been committed to providing programs and services through collaborative efforts, bringing communities and their members together.  These initiatives embody a holistic and health-centric environment that promote infrastructure directly impacting four branches: Underserved areas of healthcare, Veterans, First Responders and Conservation.  Through various means of fundraising, outreach, education and advocacy, we invest in communities, fostering a collective spirit of group prosperity.  


At Wellness Wishes, our vision is to fund and deliver innovative and collaborative programs and services which directly impact four branches:

Underserved Areas of Healthcare


First Responders


In working with other non-profit organizations, philanthropy movements, businesses, communities and their members, we strive to create a holistically healthier environment for all.


Funding initiatives to rebuild a healthier future for the greater good

Wellness Wishes

Funding Advisors, Ambassadors & Directors

working together for our communities

Erin Morrow

Director of Funding Advisors

Erin is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and has founded various health, wellness and analytic companies, as well as the non-profit organization, Wellness Wishes, in 2011. Now, working Wellness Wishes full-time, she lends her skills in entrepreneurship and program design to deliver highly impactful venture philanthropy initiatives.  

Stephen Lee, DC

Regional Director of Funding Advisors

Serving as the Chief of Chiropractic Services at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, Stephen brings a wonderful blend of healthcare and veteran focus to Wellness Wishes.  His passion for continued growth has lead him to assist a variety of other organizations in consulting and development. This passion is equal to a passion he brings to Wellness Wishes in assisting us with funding healthcare organizations, emergency response departments and a number of other philanthropic causes. 

Erik Lehman

Regional Director of Funding Advisors

Erik has served in a sales or revenue generating capacity for most of his professional life, and he appreciates the process of cultivating new and mutually beneficial relationships. To this day, he takes pride in maintaining many of the relationships that he cultivated in the field.  In addition to his sales experience, Erik has been innovating the non-profit space with the Game Changer Movement, inspiring youth to turn violent video gaming into something artistic and positive. With his passion for committing to long-standing relationships, as well as his philanthropic efforts, Erik is a wonderful addition to the Wellness Wishes family.


Gregory Brown

First Responders Ambassador

Serving as a professional firefighter and EMT for over 10 years, Gregory brings an authenticity and passion like no other in devising and implementing funding strategies for first responder departments.  A continual student, he pursues knowledge and development with a devotion to not only these departments, but for philanthropy and protection of his fellow humans.  Greg has set the bar high as the founding First Responders Ambassador, with many goals and intentions in place for 2020! 

Lindsey Perkins

Veterans Ambassador

Lindsey is currently an Active Reservist at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, as well as part of the Security Forces and a Fire Team Leader.  Her experience in the data intelligence and healthcare fields, combined with her military experience makes her a valuable addition to our team.  Her passion, for finding many ways to assist our nation's veterans shines through when speaking to Lindsey, and we're pleased to have her as Wellness Wishes' first ever Veterans Ambassador! 

Stephan C. Porter

Veterans Ambassador

Stephan's extensive military experience has allowed him to hone his leadership, strategy and high-level improvement skills, and it's what he's doing with those skills today that makes him a perfect Veterans Ambassador.  His philanthropic passion and overall goodwill drives him to make a difference in veteran's lives, assisting them in whatever stage of their career they might be in.  His vision for more comprehensive veterans services, as well as other much-needed community programs makes him a perfect addition to the Wellness Wishes family! 

Adam Johnson

Director of Advancement

Adam can best be described as someone who passionately inspires others to achieve whatever they want out of life.  As a skilled professional, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Adam was an obvious fit for the Wellness Wishes family.  One of the first members to join our team in 2018, Adam has since played an integral role in greatly advancing our fundraising and fund advising efforts, and in helping the Wellness Wishes family grow with great, like-minded individuals. 

Patricia Faust

Director for Successful Senior Aging

As an excelled gerontologist, Pat fully understands the impact the Boomer Generation will have on the economic and medical landscape, should they develop dementia at currently projected rates.  She is the solution to these problems, realizing that everything comes back to the brain.  With a focus on brain health and function, as well as prevention, she is the ideal professional to address optimization.