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Economic Enrichment Project
Designed to Rebuild a Healthier Future

Join Wellness Wishes as we assist our healthcare establishments

during a time when they need us the most.

Wellness Wishes' “Economic Enrichment Project” targets those healthcare organizations, regions and local areas that need someone to lean on during this time – someone they can immediately turn to that can assist with funding, not only for their organization, but for their communities.   We welcome these organizations and areas that have been deeply affected by the crisis to lean on us for support, both financially and socially.   There is no time to wait, and Wellness Wishes understands the urgency behind this project to assist our communities as quickly as possible.    

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In this time of uncertainty, Wellness Wishes is a beacon of hope for those affected by the current climate; and we’re happy to lead efforts for our communities to regain control and thrive in these unprecedented times. This can (and must) be done; and together we can make a positive impact.


Healthcare agencies remain as one of the highest impacted sectors, with both personnel and financial issues abounding.  Many are facing financial fallout, and those that carried high debt prior are most susceptible, as are rural areas.  For financially struggling rural areas, the crisis did nothing but take the focus off their already dwindling financials and personnel issues, while urban areas and ‘hot spots’ demanded the attention.  Preparations, lack of PPE’s, personnel and testing, as well as other issues thrust many stable healthcare organizations into the financial danger zone and unknown territory.  Ceasing of ‘non-essential’ healthcare services and elective surgeries, as well as furloughs and other cutbacks only enhanced the problems. 

While these issues all seem difficult taken separately, collectively, it’s a bleak outlook for the nation’s healthcare system.  Wellness Wishes can’t completely fix an already taxed and burdened system, but we can shine some hope on healthcare organizations by assisting with funding for participants of our “Economic Enrichment Project”, through our

Funding Advisors Claims Recovery Program.

Utilizing a venture philanthropy model, FACR uniquely invests in our communities, traditionally infusing 20% of our fees back into the areas in which we serve.  


For More Information on the "Economic Enrichment Project" or how to receive support from these efforts. 


For helping us support programs and services under our four areas of impact, including our nation's healthcare agencies and the communities that they serve – we couldn't do all we do without YOU!

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