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Wellness Wishes is addressing an important cause: first responders, their families and communities.  Our mission of the First Responders Ambassador Program is to integrate active and retired first responders into communities to engage public relations, drive engagement, promote awareness and raise funds regarding first responder’s issues; as well as interact personally with departments, healthcare facilities and other partnering agencies. 


What do First Responders Ambassadors Do?

  • Coordinate with all types of first responder departments to develop partnerships that will contribute to fundraising efforts for first responders

  • Develop and manage various funds for first responder assistance (equipment and vehicles, health & safety, health & wellness, special programming, etc.)

  • Build and maintain relationships with other first responder-focused non-profits and organizations, and support groups

  • Deliver innovative, holistic and alternative therapies to first responders, many of which Wellness Wishes can provide at no cost

  • Some Ambassadors may work as a pet handler, bringing pet therapy to individual first responders, as well as departments, independently and through our Rescued Wishes program


How Do You Join the Cause?

In contributing to our First Responder Ambassador campaign, YOU help a first responder:

  • Better deal with physical, emotional and mental injuries

  • Avoid costly medical debt

  • Have access to state-of-the art equipment and the latest in health and safety training

  • In pairing therapy animals with individual first responders and departments


Support Greg and our Future First Responders Ambassadors!

Serving as a professional firefighter and EMT for over 10 years, Greg brings an authenticity and passion like no other in devising and implementing funding strategies for first responder departments.  A continual student, he pursues knowledge and development with a devotion to not only these departments, but for philanthropy and protection of his fellow humans.  His personal goals as our founding First Responders Ambassador will set the bar high, ensuring great things for departments and their personnel across the country.  Currently in this role part-time, we’re looking forward to bringing Greg on full-time in the First Responders Ambassador position, and we're pleased to have him as Wellness Wishes' first ever First Responders Ambassador! 


YOU have the power to instantly make all of this happen!

We’ve created this campaign for everyone to contribute at various levels; every donation amount makes an impact!  Please be sure to review the ways you can make an impact in our First Responders Ambassador program, and please share this page with your family and friends because the more you share, the more wishes we’re able to grant.  Your involvement is critical to our success and the success of our First Responders Ambassadors, so thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

Join Wellness Wishes’ First Responders Ambassadors in Bringing Hope and Goodness to Our First Responder Communities