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Green Phoenix Fund
​Funding a Healthier Future

Join Wellness Wishes as we assist talented entrepreneurs,

while reinventing our landscape.

Staying true to our venture philanthropy roots, Wellness Wishes takes aim to address issues arising from the crisis' of 2020 and the current climate by helping both entrepreneurs and our struggling communities rise out of the ashes to create something filled with hope, positive energy and creativity. 


Our process of divergent thinking holds the belief that the key to problem-solving is creativity…understanding what is and imagining what could be.   

As we use our vision to turn what "could be" into realities, we imagine a healthier, stronger America emerging from the crisis, assisting our fellow Americans in creating and controlling their own reality while thriving in the current environment.  

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Things that suffered overall in 2020 were small businesses, entrepreneurship and commercial real estate.  The Green Phoenix Fund is established to help with all of these, creating a capital platform to make an impact and rebuild communities, stronger than ever. 


Addressing our 4 areas of impact (Conservation, Veterans, First Responders and Conservation), through the Green Phoenix Fund, Wellness Wishes will invest in innovative thoughts and strategies put forth by creative minds.  Not only funding business models, but serving as a reclamation project for old, abandoned and closed buildings and businesses, this initiative will truly help communities rise to their full potential, bringing beauty and style to the public. 

If you're an entrepreneur whose strategy addresses solutions for veterans, first responders, conservation or underserved populations (or you're a veteran or first responder entrepreneur), and your business model incorporates reclamation of land or property, we invite you to have a discussion with us about funding your vision. 

If you're involved in property or land management and want to partner with Wellness Wishes to help make an impact in your communities, we invite you to have a discussion with us.

If you're in wealth management, family office, an impact investor or involved in philanthropy, we invite you to have a discussion with us about making an impact and, together, funding restoration,  and revival of America's great communities. 


For More Information on the "The Green Phoenix Fund," how to receive support from these efforts, or how to partner with us in these efforts. 


For helping us support programs and services under our four areas of impact, the health of our communities is of the utmost importance – we couldn't do all we do without YOU!

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