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Health District Community Enrichment

Improving our community here at home

Health District Community Enrichment

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Wellness Wishes embodies the mission of the Ohio Department of Health – protect and improve the health of all Ohioans by preventing disease, promoting good health and assuring access to quality care.  Our Community Enrichment program ensures just that for each health district.

Though based in Ohio, Wellness Wishes provides programming across the country, and our Health District Community Enrichment project is no different.  With the ability to run this program in all 50 states, we’re able to prevent disease, promote good health and assure access to quality care across the nation. 

Participation in our Health District Community Enrichment Project ensures a long-term partnership between the individual health district and Wellness Wishes.  Both traditional and non-traditional fundraising strategies are implemented throughout the course of the project, funding of which is to be used in the health district’s area of greatest need. 

Fundraising cost and staffing is provided by Wellness Wishes to relieve the burden on these already taxed departments of community service excellence.  To learn more about this program, or apply to be a participant, contact Erin Morrow, Director of Funding Advisors.