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Notable Non-Profits
Our mission to work with an assist other non-profits creates a healthier environment for all 

As with our partner organizations, we choose very carefully, to work with other non-profits who are the right fit; those who share our vision for a healthier climate for all and an undying passion to make that a reality

They're special to us, and we're there to help make their visions and missions a reality.  We're thankful for them and their special efforts to rebuild a healthier future for the greater good.   Please take a minute and help us to say "thank you" by learning more about these other notable non-profits. 

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A true non-profit in every sense, The American Pie Party raises funds and support for organizations in the fight against cancer.  Their mission to foster an environment of healing through quintessential humor is a unique and fund way to honor Americans who have fallen victim to cancer. 


Canine Collective Ohio Dog Rescue

Our mission is to provide rescued dogs another chance to find their forever homes. We rescue from high kill shelters, hoarding situations, and from families in crisis.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an Adoption Application. Pre-approval allows you to adopt quickly, and there is no waiting period. Some dogs aren’t currently housed at the Canine Collective kennel. When approved, arrangements can be made for you to meet or adopt the off-site dogs.

View all of their precious, adoptable dogs HERE!


Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald and all those that work with, and partner with her, at My Peaceful Universe, are all very passionate about Mindfulness and Meditation as they truly believe a focus on kids creates a solid foundation for health outcomes later in life, making this a long-term investment in the future of our children.

Seeing first-hand the positive effects Mindfulness and Meditation can have on a child’s life she made the decision that it was important to create accessible Mindfulness and Meditation Programs for kids and families experiencing the same struggles she experienced with her own son.


Today, she is extremely passionate about providing these incredibly valuable resources to Educators, Carers and Practitioners in a flexible format, that will greatly benefit all lives.

She is also personally dedicated to teaching Mindfulness and Meditation to kids in a fun and engaging way, encouraging children to see life as an amazing adventure with new and curious eyes. 


Please learn more about Isabelle, her story, as well as the wonderful programs, teaching and coaching services she offers to children and their families through My Peaceful Universe

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