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Our partners are special members of the Wellness Wishes family

We choose very carefully, to partner with the right people, organizations and non-profits; those who share our vision for a healthier climate for all and an undying passion to make that a reality  

They're special to us, and not only do we promote what they stand for and what they do, but we get involved, in various ways, and help to make their visions and missions a reality.  Collaboration, promotion, business development, volunteering, funding, and more – these are all the ways we say "thank you" to our trusted partners, whom we couldn't do what we do without.  Please take a minute and help us to say "thank you" by learning more about our partners at Wellness Wishes. 

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The mission of AR Billing Services is to provide and maintain accounts receivable solutions personalized to meet the needs of our clients and their plan for future growth. By distinguishing ourselves as an honest, responsive receivables management organization, we hope to expand our partnerships in the healthcare industry and continue to earn the trust of our clientele.


Incorporated in 1999, AR Billing Services began as a debt collection company but ceased all debt operations in 2014 to focus exclusively on non-default, self-pay patient receivables.


They offer patients a dignified solution that preserves relationships and rescues at-risk balances from the collections process. They interface with a variety of platforms and can offer a wide array of online payment options, a full-service call center that makes outbound calls, statement processing, and financial assistance identification. Services can begin at Day 1 of Self-pay, or later in the cycle, according to client needs.


The stellar reputation and complimentary services that AR provides alongside Wellness Wishes and FACR programming make this partnership a perfect fit to recover and maximize revenue for healthcare provider organizations while contributing philanthropically to our home state of Ohio. 


AboutFace-U.S.A. is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and empower veterans, first responders and family members to turn their lives around for the better.  

AboutFace-U.S.A. has taken it upon themselves to fill the need for programs, services, facilities and space for our heroes in need, of which there is a severe shortage in the Atlanta, Georgia-area.  In response to this shortage, AboutFace-U.S.A. has undertaken the enormous task of building the first AboutFace-U.S.A. Veteran and First Responder Training Village. 

Suicide, line-of-duty injuries and death, homelessness, PTSD, stress & anxiety, unemployment, divorce - all of these issues and more carry a cost to society that will be reduced by the wonderful efforts of AboutFace-U.S.A. and their Training Village.  

Please download the presentation below and discover how YOU can help ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and IMPROVE the lives of hero's and their families: 


Bringing service to veterans into the 21st century, Andrew Vernon & Associates are a team of professionals dedicated to serving those who serve our country. Using a community-based approach, they unite veterans, their families, organizations, businesses, academic institutions, and communities across the United States. They offer veteran-centric, community based services through an individualized, stress-free experience; all while addressing the Values of "VALOR":

Veterans First



Open Communication 


Wellness Wishes is proud to partner with this powerful organization, where we, together, can assist in funding veteran's causes and veteran's healthcare initiatives.

 Visit their website to learn more about Andrew Vernon & Associates, their team and their efforts.


Black Rifle Coffee Company serves coffee and culture to people who love America.

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium, small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company. We develop our explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus we learned as military members serving this great country and are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, we give back.

Join the Coffee Club, get unique gift ideas, purchase your coffee, apparel, gear and more, all on the Black Coffee Company's website!

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Lockton is the world’s largest private independent insurance brokerage, and we are proud to partner with an organization that takes such pride in its initiatives, culture, and philanthropy.  Lockton brings creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to their family-owned business, which uniquely positions them in the market. 


The synergy between Lockton and Wellness Wishes’ missions and visions are in direct alignment, and we could not be prouder than to announce this partnership – the first of which will create a fund to be managed in tandem and used to invest in a healthier future, both here in America, and globally. 

Working together in the healthcare space, Wellness Wishes will utilize the trust and respect that Lockton has built over the years with their clients, assisting those very clients through our Funding Advisors Claims Recovery Programming, generating lost revenue for those organizations, while contributing philanthropically through the

Lockton - Wellness Wishes Fund.  


To find out more about the global efforts of the Lockton Companies,

please visit their website.

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Software development company designing and developing software to its clients focusing on outstanding performance. 

For the festive period in December 2019, Montrose Software set up an initiative to offer a free software development project to a good cause. Montrose contacted 400 charitable organisations within the United States and after careful consideration, and discussions based on the requirements of the projects the company decided to work with Wellness Wishes on redesigning the organization’s website.

Montrose Software works with global market leaders as well as small to medium sized companies. For the first seven years, Montrose grew from working solely with referrals and repeat business. This comes from the wonderful blend of professionalism and down to earth personalities, which has enabled to produce top quality software solutions, while providing a high standard of client services and long lasting relationships. 

Montrose Software delivers outstanding quality services: Websites and Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Financial Analytical Tools, New Features and Improvements, Maintenance, Embedded Systems Programming and Bespoke Testing Solutions. Montrose Software provides management to your resources, or provides the guys to your leaders. The Company will join within your business structure, listen whole-heartedly to what you want to achieve, and then drive your vision to an end product. Montrose will also continue to work with you, all the time you will be improving your software, adding new features, and providing continuous maintenance as long as you need us to. It’s not just software, it’s a relationship.

See more at

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Patricia Faust, MGS, is a gerontologist specializing in the issues of brain aging, brain health, brain function and dementia.  She has a Masters in Gerontological Studies degree from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. 

Patricia is certified as a brain health coach and received a certification in Neuroscience and Wellness through Dr. Sarah McKay and the Neuroscience Academy.


My Boomer Brain, founded in 2015, is the vehicle that Patricia utilizes to teach, coach and consult about brain aging, brain health and brain function.  Her newsletter, My Boomer Brain, has international readers from South Africa, Australia, throughout Europe and Canada. 


Patricia’s speaking experience spans the spectrum of audiences as she addresses corporate executives on brain function, regional financial professionals on client diminished capacity, and various senior venues concerning issues around brain aging and brain health.

With her notable credentials, vast experience and unparalleled passion for coaching and teaching, she was a natural fit to oversee Wellness Wishes' senior programming, as well as author programming for senior caregivers, as our Director for Successful Senior Aging.

Please check out Patricia's independent work and sign up for her newsletters at

My Boomer Brain..

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Lori Koors is a true over-comer, having recovered from a major health condition by speaking positive words about her life, correcting her diet and by making choices in order to regain a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically and spiritually.​  Her passion for change was so great, so started Seeds of Change Nutrition


A Certified Health and Wellness Coach, she helps people gain freedom while discovering a healthy lifestyle.   Currently, Lori is starting a LIVE Facebook Series, "How to THRIVE during this Time" with the goal of providing expertise from professionals in areas that will help us all THRIVE with virtual resources we need in this unprecedented time.

Additionally, Lori and Seeds of Change are valuable partners to Wellness Wishes, and particularly it's Funding Advisors Claims Recovery Program, in working with Columbus-area provider practices.  Together we're able to bring invaluable lifestyle coaching to these practices, often at little or no cost. 

You can check out Lori and all that she has going on through her online media outlets:



Free Facebook Page Support: 

People love me on Daocloud:  


Since 2016, Victory for Veterans has been determined to make an impact in veteran communities.  Their focus on healing and support is the key driver behind their mission to reduce suicide among our nation's warriors:  Veterans and First Responders. 

"When you see a brother or sister suffering, you must not stay silent.  Do not remain still, go to their aide and help them."  The Red Sea Diving Resort

We, too, are determined to make an impact in these warriors lives, which is why we committed to help Victory for Veteran's aggressive efforts to place wellness centers in key cities across America.  These centers will provide holistic and alternative therapies at no cost to veterans and first responders. 

For more information on Victory for Veterans, and their wellness clinic efforts, please go directly to the Victory for Veterans page on our site. 

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