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Apply to Become a Recipient of Wellness Wishes’ "UWAR Projects for Veterans & Seniors”

Together with our trusted partner, Ultimate Workout and Recovery, Wellness Wishes is providing veterans and senior citizens a crucial fitness and therapeutic environment during a time when they need it most.

Wellness Wishes UWAR Application EDITFOR
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The objective of these special projects is to provide a crucial fitness and therapy environment for largely forgotten heroes in our community, specifically senior citizens and veterans. This collection of projects will focus on bed-ridden, highly immobile, home-bound and those challenged with outside mobility, as well as their caregivers.

Due to the current environment, a safe, effective health, fitness and wellness solution has never been as needed as it is right now.

Our projects will enable seniors and veterans to safely and effectively undergo skilled fitness and therapeutic exercise, all within the comfort and safety of their own home. This resource, provided at no cost to the individual, will ensure the highest possible level of movement based on their current situation, enabling them to improve not only their physical and biological health, but mental health as well; all while reducing risk and improving quality of life at home, away from germ oriented facilities.


Our stance is that lack of resources or awareness, financial or otherwise, shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to the health and well-being of our country’s veterans and senior citizens. This project is important to us because in placing the life changing UWAR units

and corresponding services in the homes of these largely ignored individuals, we’re improving their quality of life:

· Offering Independence/Empowerment

· Preserving Privacy

· Preventing Further Injury and Damage

· Helping to Avoid Pain and Discomfort

· Saving Time and Cost

· Making Mobility (In and Out of the Home) Easier

· Keeping the Heart Strong

· Improving Mental and Emotional Health


To become a recipient of a Wellness Wishes’ UWAR Project, all you need to do is apply. Application process is simple and efficient.

To be considered, you must be a veteran and/or a senior citizen. The application form will list several questions, including contact information, veteran status, income range and health & wellness issues present or that are of concern.

Applicants must be from the following areas:

Central Ohio to Northeast Ohio (Columbus to Cleveland area)

Southwest Ohio to Central Indiana (Cincinnati to Indianapolis area)

Southeast Texas (San Antonio, Austin, Houston area)

Caregivers for veterans and/or senior citizens may also be considered. Caregiver applicants will use the same form, checking the box for “Caregiver.”.


The form is an editable PDF, and maybe be submitted via email or postal mail.

To submit via email, you may send the form to

To submit via postal mail, please print out a copy of the form, complete and mail to: Wellness Wishes P.O. Box 613 Lithopolis, Ohio 43136.

Wellness Wishes UWAR Application EDITFOR
Download • 127KB


Forms must be submitted in their entirety. Any omissions or errors on the form may prohibit processing or result in a denial of recipient grant status.

Applications will be viewed on a first-come, first-served basis; and no further applications will be accepted once the 5,000 recipients are chosen in each location. Wellness Wishes expressly reserves the right to accept or deny any application.

Applications, along with further details, can be found on the Wellness Wishes website, UWAR Special Projects Page or follow the download link below:

Wellness Wishes UWAR Application EDITFOR
Download • 127KB

JOIN US in making our UWAR Projects a success!

Contact us at any time for project details, or for more information, or visit the UWAR Special Projects Page. Thank you for your interest, we’re happy to grant a wish today!


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