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Celebrating America's Birthday & Our First Responders

A little over a year after the hard-fought war against Britain, our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, bringing the Nation's original 13 colonies together as united, free and independent states. Initially divided, the colonists eventually came together to fight against an oppressive, hostile ruler. It's fitting that revolutionary ideas came from Thomas Paine's pamphlet, "Common Sense" - a concept that needs applied, even today.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence ushered in a day where we can come together, once again, forgetting our differences, political affiliations, religious beliefs and everything that makes us unique, to celebrate as united, free and independent people.

As we at Wellness Wishes celebrate America's birthday today, we also choose to celebrate a group of individuals that are such a special part of America's greatness - our nation's heroes, our nation's first responders.

My Grandpa Jim was a Columbus City Police Officer for many years. After being shot in the line of duty chasing down a suspect that stole a pack of cigarettes from a convenience store, he recovered and went on to be a crime scene photographer until his retirement. My sister has been an emergency room R.N. for nearly her whole career and will be taking care of everyone coming in to the ER this weekend. I have cousins and friends (old and dear, as well as new and dear) that have served and continue to serve as first responders (fire chief's, firefighters and EMT's). It is my gratitude and continuous admiration for everything they do that inspired me to help first responders through Wellness Wishes.

A little over a year ago, I had the privilege to meet Greg Brown, a retired firefighter and paramedic from Colorado Springs, CO (having also served for the Appleton, WI department). Over the past year, I have helped him foster a vision he has to assist all fire departments, in fact all first responder departments, across the country - with whatever need they might have.

Today, that vision becomes a reality as we launch our Teller County Colorado First Responder Project. Join us in addressing a special need and help us provide a state-of-the-art training facility for 20 local first responder departments, benefiting the area first responders and communities as a whole in Teller County Colorado and surrounding areas.

Lead by driven, compassionate first responder chiefs and innovators, the regional training center will be built under the direction of Fire Chief Tyler Lambert and Deputy Chief Dean O’Nale, in support of all emergency services agencies within the Pikes Peak Region. 

Join us in celebrating these area first responders and make an impact in this project. There are many ways you can contribute. For more details, and a complete list of participating agencies, please visit our special page devoted to this project: Teller County First Responder Project.

Greg, myself and all of us at Wellness Wishes are looking forward to making an impact in these first responder's lives and we couldn't be more proud to launch this effort on a special day like today.

As you celebrate America's birthday with friends, family, barbecues and fireworks, join me in thanking a first responder that is working today, and throughout the weekend, to keep America and her citizens safe. May they all return home to their families safe and sound. And may we all remember that we are UNITED...we are FREE...we are INDEPENDENT. Happy Birthday America, and thank you to her First Responders.


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