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Fighting for the First Survivor – The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

A couple weeks ago, our Director for Successful Senior Aging, Pat Faust, participated in The Walk to End Alzheimer's. Every day she fights to end Alzheimer's, but this is her story from October 5th, 2019...


Saturday morning, October 5th, was very cool, crisp and sunny. It was one of the first days of this fall season that actually felt like fall. This Saturday morning was the Greater Cincinnati’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This is an annual event that reaches across the country. Cincinnati’s Walk has grown to be one of the top ten walks in the country with a goal of over one million dollars. This is the Alzheimer’s Association biggest fundraising event. This money goes to research and support of those who have Alzheimer’s and their families.

Pat Faust - Her Walk to End Alzheimer's

A number of years ago I immersed myself in the behaviors of dementia. There was no hope for anyone who had any type of dementia because there was no cure. There was no funding source for research at that time either. The Memory Walk started in 1989 and raised $149,000 from 1249 participants. In 1993 it grew into a nationwide event and raised $4.5 million dollars and they never looked back. In 2018 more than 65,000 teams participated in more than 600 Walks across the country, raising more than $90 million.

This was my 4th Walk. I specialize in brain aging and brain health, helping people learn how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. I felt like I needed to ‘walk the talk’ and so I became involved. It is a very inspiring and emotional day. There are some people who have the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, there with their families. There are families who are walking in memory of a loved one or a friend. They have t-shirts of remembrances or sayings like “I will be your memory”. You are naturally uplifted marveling at the resilience these families and friends show. There are the many people who care for those with Alzheimer’s. Each group has its own color flower. The ultimate goal is for someone to have a white flower – a survivor. This is the only top ten disease that has no survivors.

I will continue to have my team: My Boomer Brain, as long as we need to walk for awareness and to raise funds to find a cure. This Walk always gives me way more – than I could ever contribute through my efforts. So, here is to the ‘First Survivor’.


Thank you for your passion and continued efforts, Pat! Wellness Wishes is blessed to have someone with such dedication and commitment on our team, and we look forward to continuing with you on your journey to fight for that 'First Survivor'!

Erin & The Wellness Wishes Team


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