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Columbus, Ohio: February 8, 2022. Wellness Wishes Incorporated, an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) organization established in 2011 proudly serves four fields of impact: Veterans, First Responders, Underserved Populations and Conservation. It’s latest endeavor, The Dagaz Project, combines all these efforts into one amazing, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Dagaz’ mission: Smoothly transitioning Veterans and Animals by casting light into the darkness while consciously healing our Mother Earth.

The Dagaz Project’s objective is twofold: To provide an environmentally supported and sustainable safe sanctuary for homeless veterans and animals in need. Love, care, treatment, and transition are key to success post-program, and in pairing these two special populations in a therapeutic and rehabilitative environment they’ll foster healing in one another with actions devoted to planet sustainability and conservation.

Healing through animals is well-known and effective! Pet therapy completely changes how we interact with patients and those suffering from chronic physical and mental illness – overall, pets are therapeutic. The Dagaz Project builds on this well-known practice of pet therapy by incorporating animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation, and by providing veterans with other forms of non-traditional and alternative therapies, including ecotherapy, horticulture therapy, art therapy, brain-heart coherence, bodywork, among others.

The name “Dagaz” is carefully selected as the namesake for this program from Old Norse language. Over the years, it’s evolved to be used in modern-day symbolism, developing characteristics to represent a new dawn, breakthrough, and a major change of direction. It implies that the darkness is behind you, a new day has begun, and prosperity and achievement are yours for the taking.

Wellness Wishes is working on bids for multiple pieces of property in Southern Ohio, totaling nearly 775 acres and is currently working towards finalizing the purchase the Boy Scouts of America, Chief Logan Reservation, located at 3600 Scout Camp Road, Ray, Ohio 45672 located in Vinton and Jackson Counties.

The Dagaz Project, once complete, will encompass many features and sub-projects such as a veterans village featuring independent living for veterans, vocational and therapy programming, health and well-being facilities, vertical gardens, farm and orchard areas, animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, wolf conservation, pollinator conservation, waste-to-energy facility, farmers market, and expo area among others. This first location of The Dagaz Project will serve as the foundation site and template to grow and expand sites in other states across the country.

Plans for renovation and new builds are already underway for The Dagaz Project to ensure these efforts can accommodate veterans and animals as quickly as possible, with placement for these populations a priority. Initial plans for the project will bring 59 new full-time jobs to the area, with many part-time and volunteer positions available. Additionally, design, implementation, renovation, and construction bring a whole host of consultant and contractor work to the area. Some other benefits of the program are in bringing goods and products to residents of local communities, as well as increased commerce.

Because of the sensitive nature of The Dagaz Project, and to protect and respect our veteran and animal residents, the first property obtained to house these populations will not be open to the public. However, some features of the project will deal directly with the public, for example, the Pet Therapy Program, and Rescued Wishes, which will place companion and therapy animals with veterans and first responder departments. Future land acquisitions that will encompass features such as the farmers market and expo area will be designed with more public and community-based activities, events, and accessibility.

Wellness Wishes has retained Lakeshore Eagle Solutions as a philanthropic and fundraising consultant with its Principal, Lewis VanHoose taking on a more formal role as Chief Funding Strategist. Also retained is Beacon 4Sight Group, a consulting firm led by two special forces veterans who are graduates of West Point and The Citadel, Vince Lindenmeyer, PhD and Jeff Jernigan, MBA, respectively.

Upon hearing that Wellness Wishes is seeking to purchase the Chief Logan Reservation, Eagle Scout (Class of 1984) and Retired U.S. Army Colonel, Vince Lindenmeyer was ecstatic, having said, “Wellness Wishes is a logical next step for the Chief Logan Reservation where Erin Morrow, Wellness Wishes Executive Director, will deliver hope and love through a Veteran and Animal Sanctuary.”

Wellness Wishes is addressing critically important causes in the community, including our nation’s heroes, our planet, and her creatures. Through its exceptional core team of executives and consultants, Wellness Wishes has committed to addressing the over 650 homeless veterans in Ohio alone, while reducing the unacceptably high shelter euthanasia rate and equally unacceptably low adoption rate of animals here in the state. Wellness Wishes is honored to have the opportunity to become stewards of land in Southern Ohio for this great cause, and the potential of acquiring the Chief Logan Reservation as a legacy property to help heal veterans and animals is no exception. Wellness Wishes’ efforts, along with the help of those who believe in the power of The Dagaz Project, will change lives and save lives.

Erin Morrow and Lewis VanHoose welcome conversations with local civic groups, businesses, and community leaders as we bring The Dagaz Project to Southern Ohio.


MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please email Erin Morrow, President of Wellness Wishes at Erin@WellnessWishes.org, or Lewis VanHoose, CEO of Lakeshore Eagle Solutions at LewisV@LakeshoreEagleSolutions.com