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COLUMBUS, OH: November 16, 2021. Wellness Wishes, an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) organization established in 2011 proudly serves four fields of impact: Veterans, First Responders, Underserved Populations and Conservation. However, it’s latest endeavor, The Dagaz Project, focuses on two of these fields, Veterans and Conservation (both animals and sustainability).

The objective of The Dagaz Project is two-fold: provide a safe sanctuary for homeless veterans and animals (wildlife & domesticated), furnishing both with extensive care, treatment & training. In paring these two special populations in a therapeutic and rehabilitative environment, they're creating the best possible scenario for co-healing and success post-program.

The amazing power of healing through animals has been known for ages and is now becoming more well-known. Pet therapy has completely changed how we interact with patients and those suffering from chronic physical and mental illness – overall, pets are therapeutic! The Dagaz Project builds on this well-known practice of pet therapy by incorporating animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation, and by providing veterans with other forms of non-traditional and alternative therapies, including ecotherapy, bodywork and brain-heart coherence, among others.

The name “Dagaz” was carefully selected as the namesake for this program from Old Norse language. Over the years, it has evolved to be used in modern-day symbolism, developing characteristics to represent a new dawn, breakthrough, and a major change of direction. It implies that the darkness is behind you, a new day has begun, and prosperity and achievement are yours for the taking.

Currently Wellness Wishes is working on bids for different pieces of property in Southern Ohio, totaling nearly 775 acres. Encompassing many features and sub-projects such as a veterans’ village, vertical gardens, farmers market, waste-to-energy facility, animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, wolf conservation, and expo area, this flagship Dagaz Project in Ohio will serve as the foundation site and template to grow and expand to sites in other states across the country.

Wellness Wishes is also working other efforts that will serve as a companion project to Dagaz, Animal Wishes: Rescue and Therapy Home. While The Dagaz Project will take in animals in need of homes, care, rehabilitation, etc., it will be a secure location, not open to the public. This ensures safety of the animals while medical and behavioral attention is given, and training is conducted. In appropriate situations where the animal is adoptable, or able to be trained as a companion or therapy animal, they will be transported to Animal Wishes: Rescue and Therapy Home to continue that programming and to have access to the general public

A special focus of Animal Wishes will also serve to place companion and therapy animals with home-bound veterans, veterans in need, as well as first responder departments.

Plans for renovation and new builds are underway for The Dagaz Project to ensure these efforts can accommodate veterans and animals as quickly as possible. Construction efforts are designed to be carried out in phases with placement of homeless veterans and animals in need as a priority.

Individual cabins for previously homeless veterans will be provided to ensure a sense of independence and serve as the first step to success post-program. A community center will serve as the hub of the veterans’ village, which will also include offices, a media center, classrooms, computer labs, health and wellness facilities and housing for on-site directors and live-in staff.

Buildings and housing for the animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation portion of The Dagaz Project will include typical housing for animals of all types (domestic, farm and wild) as well as medical facilities.

Parcels of land will be allocated for beehives, a butterfly enclosure, wolf sanctuary and other features that will further Wellness Wishes’ conservation and education efforts.

While participating in groups, individual activities and customized programming, veterans will have the opportunity to engage in the animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation efforts, as well as gardening, agricultural businesses, renewable energy and conservation practices, art, as well as other types of vocational training. These, and other practices and programming, will foster involvement for the veterans in a vocation that is best suited to them, while generating sustainable revenue for the project and income for the veteran. Collectively, the expo area will be utilized to host select members of the public, such as children, potential entrepreneurs, investors, and others who are dedicated to finding solutions to fundamental challenges facing humanity. The Dagaz Project, and this expo specifically, will be unrivaled in its ability to gather free-thinking innovators, create new dynamics and catalyze change in America.

Wellness Wishes is addressing two important causes: our nation’s heroes and our planet’s creatures. Through its exceptional core team of executives and consultants, Wellness Wishes has committed to addressing the over 650 homeless veterans in Ohio alone, while reducing the 60% shelter euthanasia rate and increasing the 24% adoption rate of animals here in the state. Their efforts, along with the help of those who believe in the power off The Dagaz Project, will save lives and change lives. Please stay tuned for continued updates and more exciting releases regarding the Ohio Dagaz Project.


Media Inquiries: Please email Erin Morrow, President and Director of Funding Advisors for Wellness Wishes Incorporated at erin@WellnessWishes.org



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