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Programs Funded

Wellness Wishes constantly strives to bring new and effective programs to our recipients. Please check back often as new features to existing programs, as well as new ones, are rolled out in 2018-2019.

Below is a list of some current ongoing charitable giving programs.  Please Contact Us, if you WISH to add something to our general community health and wellness programs.


First Responder’s:
Health, Fitness & Safety Programming

Our communities are only as strong as our local public health and safety professionals.  Wellness Wishes employs traditional and non-traditional funding strategies to ensure our community servants have access to occupational and mental health services, fitness and wellness programming, public safety tools and training, as well as overall well-being strategy. 

Fundraising cost and management is provided by Wellness Wishes to ensure minimal daily disruption within these departments, and to ensure optimal health, fitness and well-being for our community servant leaders, and their families.  To learn more about this program, or apply to be a participant, contact Erin Morrow, Director of Funding Advisors.


Health District Community Enrichment

Our ‘Health District Community Enrichment’ program facilitates health district cooperatives that attract attention, participation and partnerships from community resources, while serving as their fundraising strategist. 

Our objective is in improving the quality of rural healthcare. It is essential that we rebuild rural priorities.    Vulnerable rural communities are struggling.  How do you continually improve the quality of healthcare if resources are lacking?  One of the biggest challenges facing rural health districts that are seeking change and improvement is knowing where to start.  Optimizing the community to increase revenues and decrease costs can often be hard to envision.  Innovation requires investment.  Wellness Wishes is your community investor.  To learn more about this program, or apply to be a participant district, contact Erin Morrow, Director of Funding Advisors

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Wishes on Wheels

Stay tuned in 2019 as one of our most exciting programs yet is unveiled. Wishes on Wheels combines various charitable efforts and contributions to ensure lower-income and home-bound individuals have access to hot, nutritious food on a daily basis. Other great features of Wishes on Wheels include:

  • Reducing food waste through food rescue programs

  • Mobile meal service, and mobile meal & necessity delivery

  • Educational credits & hands-on training; mentorships

  • Veterans placement and staffing

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Successful Senior Aging & Caregiver Well-being

Everything starts and stops with your brain. Our unique program provides practical tools to rescue your brain, at any age, and especially for seniors and their caregivers. Through programs designed by Patricia Faust, Wellness Wishes’ Director of Successful Senior Aging, you’ll learn how to harness the power to change your brain and learn lifestyle skills to create a resilient brain.

Being a caregiver can be the most rewarding and the most challenging thing you ever do.  The demands can be unending.  Our Caregiver’s Program will help you understand how the stress you are under is damaging your own body and brain.  Utilize strategies and tools to reclaim your brain and optimize health.

These programs are perfect for any type (or any degree of care) of senior living facilities, or senior resource centers. All or partial fundraising cost and management may be provided by Wellness Wishes to ensure optimal brain fitness and overall well-being for our communities seniors and their gifted caregivers.  To learn more about this program, or apply to be a participant, contact Erin Morrow, Director of Funding Advisors


WISH Granted, Funding Programs

Another great program rolling out in 2019 is our ‘Wish Granted’ program. Our goal is grant one wish at a time through grants, capital raises, matching and other traditional funding programs to help fund that program, cause or event near and dear to your heart. Impact Statements will be accepted in 2019, with more information to follow.