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Join Wellness Wishes in Delivering Hope and Love Through Our Rescued Wishes Program

Wellness Wishes is addressing an important cause: placing companion and therapy animals with veterans and first responders.  In partnership with Animal Wishes and The Dagaz Project, the mission of our Rescued Wishes program is extremely powerful because it combines not one, but three areas of Wellness Wishes’ impact; and our mission is to save not one, but multiple lives by pairing rescued animals with veterans and first responder departments in forever, loving homes.

How Does Rescued Wishes Spread Hope and Love in Veteran & First Responder Communities?

  • Lives are saved by rescuing animals from dangerous environments and situations, including kill shelters

  • Rescued animals in need of forever companions are placed into safe and loving homes of our nation’s great veterans, and in first responder departments across the country

  • Safe sanctuary is provided for veteran’s animals in temporary need of housing

  • Providing the amazing power of animal companionship

  • Eliminating financial burden by covering the cost of pet placement, monthly food and supplies

How Do You Help Spread the Love?

In contributing to our Animal Rescue and Pet Therapy initiative, you help:

Image by Margarita Kosior

Change lives - save lives


Bring comfort and hope into the lives of veterans and first responders

Sad dog and cat sleeping.jpg

Provide safe sanctuary for animals and forever loving homes

Image by nikko macaspac

Relieve financial burden of placement and continued care

YOU have the power to instantly make all of this happen!

We’ve created this campaign for everyone to contribute at various levels; every donation amount makes an impact!  Please be sure to review the ways you can make an impact in our Rescued Wishes program, and please share this page with your family and friends because the more you share, the more wishes we’re able to grant.  Your involvement is critical to our success and to the lives of so many animals, veterans and first responders. Thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

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