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Join Wellness Wishes in Delivering Hope and Love Through The Dagaz Project | A Veteran and Animal Sanctuary 

MISSION DAGAZ:  Smoothly transitioning Veterans and Animals by casting light into the darkness while consciously healing our Mother Earth. 

Wellness Wishes is addressing all of our important causes in one amazing Project:
Our Nation’s Heroes (Veterans and First Responders) and Animals and the Planet

By getting involved in The Dagaz Project, you help Save a Life – CHANGE a Life!  There are many ways to get involved, from volunteering to contributing financially or with goods and services, or becoming an impact investor, corporate sponsor or major donor.  Contact us today to find out how you can get involved and make an impact in our Communities!

How Does The Dagaz Project Spread Hope and 

Love in Our Communities?

The objective of The Dagaz Project is two-fold:

  • To provide an environmentally supported and sustainable safe sanctuary for homeless veterans where they are cared for, treated for medical and emotional issues, while addressing career and life skills so they’re able to heal and live full lives independently and successfully post-program.

  • To provide an environmentally supported and sustainable safe sanctuary for animals where they are rescued, rehabilitated, cared for, treated for medical and behavioral issues, and trained to be able to heal and eventually become companion or therapy animals, ready for adoption; or otherwise remain at the site in comfort for the duration of their lives.

The focus is in pairing these two special populations in a therapeutic and rehabilitative environment where the veterans and animals can heal one another, provide unconditional love to one another and prepare one another for fulfilling lives post-program. 

How Do You Help Spread the Love?

In contributing to The Dagaz Project (a Veteran and Animals Sanctuary), you help:

Homeless Veteran and Dog.jpg

Save Lives - Change Lives!

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Provide a much-needed safe sanctuary for homeless veterans

Sad dog and cat sleeping.jpg

Provide a much-needed safe sanctuary for

at-risk animals

Image by Eric Ward

Bring the wonderful healing of pet therapy to our veterans

Support Wellness Wishes in Helping Our Homeless Veterans and Animals in Need

The Dagaz Project is a priority for Wellness Wishes in 2022 - as homeless Veterans should be for all Americans.  We're addressing this important cause in tandem with at-risk and homeless Animals, another grave cause for concern. 

By pairing these two efforts, we're combining the amazing power of pet therapy and a sense of hope and accomplishment for Veterans who need a chance, and a little help with life skills, therapies and getting their lives back on track. 

With added programming for First Responders and a focus on Mother Earth, Dagaz has something for everyone to get passionate about!


  • Independent Living

  • Custom Programs

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Alternative Therapies

  • Lifeskills

  • Vocation

  • Post-Program Placement


  • Animal Rescue

  • Mobilization

  • Sanctuary

  • Extraction

  • Behavioral Training

  • Forever Homes

  • Pet Therapy Ambassadors

  • Placement with Veterans and First Responder Departments


  • Dagaz-SOBE Energy

  • Dagaz Biochar

  • Dagaz Eco Retreats

  • Dagaz Farmz

  • Dagaz Beez

  • Wolf Conservation Center

  • Education Expo Center

Wild Path

The Dagaz Project will kick off in Ohio, however, plans are already underway to grow nationally in the upcoming years.   The properties will encompass the Veteran’s Village, Animal Rescue, and Vocation & Education Expo areas with a separate public-facing property for the animal adoption services.   The Dagaz properties are being selected for a variety of factors:

  • Remote

  • Secluded and Isolated

  • Easily accessible

  • Conveniently located

  • Easy for transportation and resources in/out

  • Inexpensive undeveloped area

  • Surrounded by nature

Mail Contribution

Go to our online contribution page where you can contribute any dollar amount to The Dagaz Project. 


You may contribute by sending a check or money order contribution:


Print and fill out the donor form. Include the completed form with your contribution


Make contribution payable to Wellness Wishes Incorporated


In the note section, please indicate "The Dagaz Project"


Mail form and contribution to:

P.O. Box 613 Lithopolis, Ohio 43136


Wellness Wishes is now accepting contributions in the form of crypto-currency.  Disrupt the status quo and invest in Wellness Wishes - invest in Veterans, First Responders, Animals and the Planet - with a technology that is solving problems while eliminating fear, uncertainty and doubt.  Level the playing field of finance with YOUR crypto-currency contribution to Wellness Wishes.  Go to our online crypto-contribution page to make a donation directly to Wellness Wishes' wallet. 

“For over ten years, we've been developing initiatives that bring what truly matters to the forefront.

Here's what we're doing – We’re committing to addressing the over 650 homeless VETERANS in Ohio alone, while reducing the 60% shelter euthanasia rate and increasing the 24% adoption rate of ANIMALS here in the state. With Dagaz, we're providing cutting-edge advancements that enable our communities to work smarter and thrive like never before.

Our efforts will SAVE lives – and CHANGE lives.  We need your help!  Success comes from people like yourself, those that believe in the power of our cause by investing in sustainable revenue and practices that deliver results and return for all those involved, more importantly, our nation’s VETERANS, FIRST RESPONDERS, ANIMALS and our PLANET.   Join me in this special endeavor - together with us; you have the power to make Dagaz a reality.  Veterans and Animals need us; we need YOU!“

Sincerely, Erin

EarthDrop Forest.jpg

YOU have the power to instantly make all of this happen!

We’ve created OPERATION DAGAZ (a breakthrough fundraising campaign) for everyone to contribute at various levels; every donation amount makes an impact!  

Review the ways you can make an impact in The Dagaz Project and please share this page with your family and friends because  the more you share, the more wishes we’re able to grant.  

Your involvement is critical to our success and to the lives of so many Veterans, First Responders and Animals each and every day.  Thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

For a copy of the executive summary, 5-year strategy with financials, Impact Investor package, 

or for more information, contact us

Homeless Veteran and Dog3.jpg

For More Information on the The Dagaz Project, or to discuss one of the many ways in which you can contribute. 
For helping us support programs and services that go to our nation's heroes; the health and well-being of our Veterans is of the utmost importance.  Helping another special population, Animals, makes it even better – we couldn't do all we do without YOU!

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