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The Franklin Fund Partners
​Wellness Wishes' Venture Philanthropy:
Designed to Rebuild a Healthier Future

Join Wellness Wishes as we assist talented entrepreneurs

during a time when they need us the most; and meet the partners that we've

teamed up with to make a difference!

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Sharp Focus is THE Virtual Reality interface that engages the attention of users by stimulating the pre-frontal cortex via intentional eye movements. 

To keep every mind sharp, they use virtual reality to help special populations and areas of focus through working memory, speed processing and inhibitory control.

Students and patients with ADD/ADHD

Patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Patients with Concussions

Veterans, Victims and Other Populations with PTSD

Led by a team of experts, Sharp Focus is available for you or your loved ones to get stared now, shop, learn and even attend master classes.

Dr. Joel Acevedo-Nieto

Founder | Neuroscientist

Passionate about helping children achieve their full potential

Dr. Patricia Silveyra

Co-Founder | Biochemist | STEM Scientist

Celebrated publisher assisting underserved populations

Redmond Siu

Co-Founder | Business Management

Dynamically leading venture capital efforts for the betterment of communities

Roberto Ledesma

Co-Founder | Software Developer

Multi-versed software professor and specialist 


For More Information on the "The Franklin Fund" or how to partner and receive support from these efforts. 


For helping us support capitalistic ideology, enterprise and entrepreneurs working diligently within our four areas of impact – we couldn't do all we do without YOU!

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