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Together In Action

Rally Together for Global Action!

As the world celebrates the United Nations 75th anniversary and comes together to discuss how to respond and rebuild from the COVID19 pandemic, leading social innovator EarthTech, is launching Together In Action to help bring people together and make progress towards the Global Goals. Wellness Wishes is proud to be a partner of this impactful program and help make a difference to people and planet.


Together in Action is a unique program designed to identify, support and scale top innovations that focus on addressing the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It is a call out to social entrepreneurs across the world to submit their sustainable business ideas, and get connected with an influential network of judges, organisations, industry experts, and impact investors.


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Co-Founder of EarthTech, Ant Moorhouse, says Together In Action will bring together the key players of the social enterprise ecosystem - the brightest innovators, leading organisations, impact investors and purpose-driven individuals to tackle existential threats, head on. This powerful combination of people and resources will accelerate cohesive action towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Following their highly successful EarthTech Summit, held at Sir Richard Branson’s Australian Home - Makepeace Island in February, the EarthTech crew saw the incredible potential to make an even bigger difference globally.


“We had more than 855 team submissions from 73 countries register in our pilot program. The solutions are obviously out there, the ambition is high, and there is a collective pool of energy, knowledge and skills that needs to be harnessed. We knew the next time we did this, we also needed to gather influential organisations, professionals and investors to further the reach and impact,” Mr Moorhouse said.

The Together In Action Impact Summit

SAVE THE DATE:  November 26, 2020


Together in Action culminates in an online Global Impact Summit held on the 26th of November 2020, and will explore key themes. Take part in a public summit that showcases inspiring thought leadership about the Global Goals, robust panel discussions, and exciting announcements of the social entrepreneur finalists, with an exploration of the emerging world of sustainable capital, social enterprise finance, and impact investment.


The TiA Impact Summit is being described as TEDx meets Burning Man - a cutting-edge and authentic online experience which will connect intelligent, driven, like-minded people from all over the world to affect real change.

“Wellness Wishes prides itself on being on the cutting edge of venture philanthropy in the United States, addressing various causes, including conservation, holistically and always with the community as priority. In joining Anthony and his efforts of Together in Action, we're thrilled to take our first step into the global arena, and proud to be a proponent of widespread change for our collective community, Mother Earth."

Erin Morrow, President of Wellness Wishes.

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“These are unprecedented times. More than ever, we need tech-enabled social innovations that are localised, impactful and supported by a global crowd of experts,” says Mr Moorhouse.


Submissions close on the 30th October, 2020.

Budding entrepreneurs are encouraged to “Unite for Global Action” and get their idea in front of some of the world’s leading organisations and investors. For more information and to secure tickets to this world-class event head to:

Together in Action

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"Together In Action is on a global quest to uncover grassroots social enterprises tackling the biggest challenges facing the world today. I am proud to lead Wellness Wishes into this effort, and personally, I'm proud to be a judge at the summit.  I'm excited to discover the most impactful solutions focused on achieving the Global Goals. You too can join me and Wellness Wishes in making an impact for Mother Earth.  Act now and I look forward to seeing you at the virtual summit in November!"  Wellness Wishes' President, Erin Morrow   #TogetherInAction

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