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Giving Tuesday 2021
The DAGAZ Project | A Wellness Wishes Venture

Along with an exceptional core team of executives and consultants, I’ve committed to addressing the over 650 homeless veterans in Ohio alone, while reducing the 60% shelter euthanasia rate and increasing the 24% adoption rate of animals here in the state.  Our efforts will SAVE lives – and change lives. We need your help! 

We’re fostering the collaborative efforts this Giving Tuesday because we know success comes from people like yourself – those who believe in the power of our cause by investing in sustainable revenue and practices that deliver results and return for all those involved, most importantly our nation’s veterans and our planet.  Join me in this special endeavor – together with us, you have the power to make all this a reality. 

Veterans and Animals need us; we need YOU.

Sincerely – Erin (President Wellness Wishes)



The word “Dagaz” originates from the Old Norse language and literally means “Day”, “Awakening”, representing a new dawn, breakthrough and major change of direction. 

It implies that the darkness is behind you, a new day has begun, and prosperity and achievement is yours for the taking. 

Dual Objective

Safe sanctuary for homeless veterans and animals (wildlife & domesticated), providing both with extensive care, treatment & training.  Paring these two special populations in a therapeutic & rehabilitative environment for co-healing.

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Scalability & Goals

Wellness Wishes is currently working on bids for property in Southern Ohio, totaling nearly 775 acres, to encompass the veterans’ village, vertical gardens and other revenue generating sub-projects, waste-to-energy facility, animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitation and expo area. However, it is planned to make Ohio a foundation site and template to grow and expand to sites across the country. 

Veteran Features

The veteran’s village will contain individual cabins for veterans to live.  Traditional and alternative medical treatment and practices will be paramount to their success.  Workshops for life skills will be provided.  Vocational assessment and training will also be provided, as well as sub-projects the veterans can participate in to generate an income as well as revenue for the project, while fostering healing and confidence.

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Animal & Conservation Features

The Dagaz Project will ensure a positive impact on the planet with a focus on sustainability.  A wildlife rehabilitation effort will be paired with wolf conservation.  Domesticated animals will be rescued, and while some will be readied for adoption, others will be able to enjoy the sanctuary and others still trained for pet therapy.  Vertical and other gardening practices, as well as other revenue-generating efforts will be managed, along with business and entrepreneurship skills for the veterans. A waste-to-energy treatment facility will provide energy to the project; and the expo area will ensure WW’s position as an innovative leader in venture philanthropy. 

Cat and Dog

Invest in Dagaz -

We Need YOU!

YOU have the power to instantly make all of this happen!

We’ve created a Giving Tuesday campaign for everyone to contribute at various levels; every donation amount makes an impact! 

Please share this page with your family and friends because the more you share, the more wishes we’re able to grant. 

Your involvement is critical to our success of The Dagaz Project, and to the lives of so many veterans and animals.  Thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

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