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Join Wellness Wishes in Bringing Hope and Goodness to Veterans and Seniors

Wellness Wishes is addressing a special need, veterans and seniors, with our UWAR Projects.  Get involved to help us provide a crucial fitness and therapy environment for largely forgotten heroes within our communities of:

Central to NE Ohio (Columbus to Cleveland area) | Veterans (5,000 units)

SW Ohio to Central Indiana (Cincinnati to Indianapolis area) | Seniors (5,000 units)

SE Texas (San Antonio, Austin, Houston area) | Veterans (5,000 units)

YOU have the POWER to make this happen! 

How Do You Join the Cause?

In contributing to the UWAR Veterans and Seniors Projects, YOU help cherished members of our communities receive the type of in-home therapeutic and fitness instruction they deserve.   

How many lives can you impact?  Join us today:

  • Volunteer​​​ 

  • Become a Financial Contributor

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor 

  • Impact Investing

  • Become a Group Healthcare Contributor (healthcare organizations can contribute and invest at no cost to them!)

Support Wellness Wishes in Benefiting Veterans and Seniors in our Project's Flagship Communities within Ohio, Indiana and Texas

The objective of these special projects is to provide a crucial fitness and therapy environment for largely forgotten heroes in our community, specifically senior citizens and veterans.  This collection of projects will focus on bed-ridden, highly immobile, home-bound and those challenged with outside mobility, as well as their caregivers. 

Due to the current environment, a safe, effective health, fitness and wellness solution has never been as needed as it is right now. Our projects will enable veterans and seniors to safely and effectively undergo skilled fitness and therapeutic exercise, all within the comfort and safety of their own home. 

This resource, provided at no cost to the individual, will ensure the highest possible level of movement based on their current situation, enabling them to improve not only their physical and biological health, but mental health as well; all while reducing risk and improving quality of life at home, away from germ oriented facilities.    

Aging, lifestyle, previous & unaddressed injuries, coupled with the current environment all directly impact health (both mental and physical) as well as quality of life.  Physically, mobility and flexibility are two components that are vitally important as we age and deal with disabilities or limitations. Many issues caused by these factors can be addressed, remedied and sometimes alleviated by making small changes in the home.  Our stance is that lack of resources or awareness, financial or otherwise, shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to the health and well-being of our country’s veterans and senior citizens. 

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  • Saving Time and Cost

  • Making Mobility (In and Out of Home) Easier

  • Keeping the Heart Strong

  • Improving Mental and Emotional Health

  • Offering Independence and Empowerment

  • Preserving Privacy

  • Preventing Further Injury and Damage

  • Helping to Avoid Pain and Discomfort


Ultimate Workout and Recovery was founded by a top Wellness Specialist and a successful Medical Doctor, as well as with help by a Mechanical Engineer.  Through the years UWAR has been endorsed by many professionals in the healthcare, fitness, wellness and professional sports fields.  You can read numerous testimonials and endorsements, from all types of clients, as well as view the product and instruction videos on the Workout and Recovery website


UWAR commercial with

Chad Brock, ex-pro wrestler, country star & veteran advocate


Our nation's veterans have sacrificed much for their country, and they deserve our continued support. 

The seniors in our communities are a valuable resource, one to learn from, love and cherish.

The Wellness Wishes UWAR Projects for veterans and seniors are but small acts of kindness that we can offer in order to say, "THANK YOU"...and we thank YOU for being a part and helping us grant a wish today!

We have established a target for these initial projects to encompass 2 segments of the population, across 3 cities.  Cost for each unit, installation and services is $1,650.00.  The goals for each of these projects are as follows:

UWAR Veterans Project | Central to NE Ohio  (Columbus to Cleveland)

Place 5,000 units for disabled or homebound veterans

UWAR Senior Project | SW Ohio to Central Indiana (Cincy to Indy) 

Place 5,000 units for seniors with varying mobility issues

UWAR Veterans Project | San Antonio, Austin & Houston, TX area  

Place 5,000 unites for disables or homebound veterans

While these 3 areas are our initial targets, we intend to continuously roll out initiatives in other cities and other areas until the entirety of the United States is covered by this project, impacting the maximum number of

veteran's and senior's lives.


If you are a veteran and/or a senior citizen (or a caregiver for one of these groups), and are bed-ridden, home-bound, or challenged with mobility issues, both in and out of the home, you can apply to become a recipient of our UWAR Projects.  

Currently, applicants are selected from our 3 target areas:

Central to NE Ohio (Columbus to Cleveland area)

SW Ohio to Central Indiana (Cincinnati to Indianapolis area)

San Antonio, Austin and Houston, Texas area

Selected applicants will receive a UWAR unit at no cost to them to keep and safely use.  Also included will be unit installation and 6 - 8 in-home sessions with a home healthcare professional, exercise physiologist, personal trainer and/or physical therapist.  Customized sessions, exercises and workouts will be provided based on situation and need. 

The 1-page application is simple to fill out, can be downloaded below and returned to Wellness Wishes via email or postal mail (instructions included on form).

Mail Contribution

Go to our online contribution page where you can contribute any dollar amount to the UWAR Veterans and Seniors Projects. 

Each unit, installation and personalized services is $1,650.00.


You may contribute by sending a check or money order:


Print and fill out the donor form. Include the completed form with your contribution.


Make contribution payable to Wellness Wishes Incorporated


In the note section, please indicate UWAR Project in the note section, and which location in which you're contributing.


Mail form and contribution to:

P.O. Box 613 Lithopolis, Ohio 43136


Wellness Wishes is the perfect vehicle to easily and efficiently reclaim lost revenue for local hospitals and healthcare facilities, while generating much-needed funds for the communities in which they serve.

Get involved to recoup lost, unrealized money for your healthcare organization, while financially contributing to the UWAR Veterans and Seniors Projects with no out-of-pocket expenses. Your involvement will provide a crucial fitness and therapy environment for veterans and seniors in their homes, while generating and maximizing revenue for your own organization and philanthropic efforts.

YOU have the power to make this happen!  HOW?  Contribution is easy! 

Download the document below for more information:

Veteran saluting.jpg

All UWAR units are engineered and manufactured in the USA - providing much-needed jobs to our home state of Ohio. 



For More Information on the "UWAR Veterans and Seniors Projects", or to discuss one of the many ways in which you can contribute. 



For helping us support programs and services that go to our nation's veterans and seniors; the health of our treasured heroes is of the utmost importance – we couldn't do all we do without YOU!

YOU have the power to instantly make all of this happen!

We’ve created these projects and campaigns for everyone to contribute at various levels; every contribution makes an impact!  Each unit, installation and customized personal instruction is $1,650.00.  Please be sure to review the ways that you can make an impact, or contact us to discuss the various ways today.  Also, please be sure to share this page with your family and friends because

the more you share, the more wishes we’re able to grant.  Your involvement is critical to our success and the health of veterans and seniors in Ohio, Indiana and Texas.

Thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

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