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Seeking Board Members to Help Build Our Team

Wellness Wishes is on the lookout for ambitious and adventurous leaders to serve on our Board of Directors.  After successfully laying a solid foundation in 2018, our progress in 2019 has been unstoppable, which is why we’re looking to fill board positions with experts that reflect our mission and support our intentions.

Background on Wellness Wishes Incorporated:

·       Active 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since August 2011

·       Registered in the state of Ohio and based out of Columbus, Ohio

·       Serving organizations and communities, with partnerships, across the country

Wellness Wishes’ mission is in “Funding a Healthier Future for the Community and its Members”

Wellness Wishes accomplishes its mission through four primary areas of focus:

1.     Underserved Populations in Healthcare

2.     First Responders

3.     Veterans

4.     Education & Conservation

Currently, Wellness Wishes has several programs, in various stages from conceptualization to implementation and functioning, including:

·       Successful Senior Aging – a multi-faceted program to ensure support for seniors at a time most needed:

o   Brain Fitness

o   Holistic Practice

o   Pet Therapy

·       Senior Caregiver’s Holistic Wellness Program

·       Health District Community Enrichment

·       Healthcare Organizational Foundation Funding & Support

·       First Responders Funding

·       Animal Rescue

·       Wishes on Wheels – a highly complex and innovative community service that combines:

o   Food Rescue and Conservation

o   On-the-Job (Various Jobs) Training and Resources for At-Risk Youth and Adults

o   Veterans Staffing and Placement

o   Hot Meal and Necessity Delivery for Home-Bound Individuals and Seniors

·       ‘Wish Granted’ Programming – Funding for other non-profits and philanthropic initiatives, as well as individuals

While Wellness Wishes implements various types of fundraising initiatives, both traditional and non-traditional, we also employ a unique and highly-specialized internal funding vehicle, guaranteed to get money quickly to those most in need.

Currently comprised of a small, yet impactful group of board members and executives, Wellness Wishes fully understands the importance of bringing on the right candidate, the one that meets our needs while matching our passion for what we do.  First and foremost, we’re looking for characteristics of a board member that demonstrate:

·       Passion for our cause

·       Eagerness to help advance our cause

·       Thirst for continued wisdom and knowledge while being a self-tuner and self-learner

·       Strength to go beyond possessing knowledge, to explore and share knowledge

·       Desire for stewardship to others

·       Unparalleled organizational and preparation skills

·       Generous and caring nature

·       Independent-thinking, while being supportive in working as a team

·       Instinctive ability to handle problems never faced

·       Understanding of the whole picture, with a deep and tacit comprehension

Beyond the characteristics listed above, skill sets desired are flexible, but can include:

·       Healthcare – Healthcare Organizations and Commercial & Government Payors

·       First Responder Expertise

·       Veterans Assistance

·       Executive Consulting

·       Business Development & Revenue Generation

·       Planning & Strategy

·       Problem-Solving

·       Research

·       General Consulting

·       Fundraising

·       Non-Profit Board and Organizational Development

·       Venture Philanthropy

In helping Wellness Wishes build our team, you’re not just serving as a board member, you’re presented with the power to change a life, save a life!

Qualified, interested individuals may contact Erin Morrow, President of Wellness Wishes, for further information and discussion.


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