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Wellness Wishes Seeking Various Positions

The greatest rewards come when you give of yourself. It’s about bettering the lives of others, being part of something bigger than yourself, and making a positive difference.” Nick Vujicic

In 2018, Wellness Wishes proudly introduced its flagship program "Funding Advisors Claims Recovery". This service-based program uniquely allows for identification and return of revenue to hospitals, healthcare systems, medical practices and emergency ambulatory services departments, while providing much-needed funding to their foundations and philanthropy partners.

This funding vehicle not only provides capital and enrichment to these organizations and their communities, Wellness Wishes is also able to fund programs and initiatives in alignment with its core values and focus (underserved areas in healthcare, veterans, first responders and conservation; as well as funding for other non-profits and philanthropic movements).

Now, we are looking for a dedicated team of highly-skilled individuals to further our funding efforts, as well as the growth of Wellness Wishes.

All positions are remote, work-from-home positions in the United States, preferably in the state of Ohio, however not required. Work hours are flexible with all positions, within nationwide business hours Monday through Friday.

Responsibilities and qualifications vary across the different positions, as does benefits. However, all positions provide the recipient flexibility to control their own schedule with very lucrative earned income opportunities, including bonuses and promotion.

Positions range from analyst to collections specialist and legal counsel, all with experience in the healthcare field. Wellness Wishes will also fund position recipient’s foundation or philanthropy cause of choice.

If you’re looking for more than a job, more than a career, but a cause to join and enterprise to build, Wellness Wishes might be the right fit for you. Contact for more information, including position descriptions.

ALSO: stay tuned…Wellness Wishes’ brand new website and media kits coming soon!

Again, for more information on positions, contact


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