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If there is a single picture that provides all you need for inspiration going into 2021, it's this one, probably my favorite picture of 2020!

I'm very aware that the Buckeyes lost the national championship title, but this picture isn't about football. It isn't about a coach and a team that defied all odds to beat a virus, political agendas, corrupt and cowardly leaders, and unrelenting criticism to defeat the #2 team in the country - after which they still faced unrelenting criticism - and make it to the national championship game. It isn't about a coach that stayed strong in the face of this adversity, leading his players with a sense of pride and class, that only a Buckeye can. It isn't about a quarterback that boldly led his team off the field, fighting for the chance to even step on it. It's about knowing to never give up the fight.

As I lead Wellness Wishes into 2021, I can only hope that I do as good of a job as Coach Day, while continuing to fight the good fight. In this first (of many) blog post of 2021, I reiterate the solid foundation upon which Wellness Wishes was built - a foundation of strength, love, determination and unwavering pride for America and her citizens. I challenge everyone to go into this year with the same principles; committing to thinking freely, becoming consciously aware of realities and living a life full of positivity and abundance so as to give back to fellow beings.

Since I took over Wellness Wishes full time in 2018, every January I am more and more excited about the possibilities, potential and opportunities stretching out before me. This year is no different. However, this year, I am not only full of excitement, I am full of a quiet determination - a determination to make a difference in the world, make a true impact. All while making a difference in the philanthropy world, showing that non-profits are not necessarily cookie cutters of one another, and can be free-thinking, independent organizations not afraid to disrupt the status quo, call out cancel culture and dismiss others definitions of social correctness.

This year we embark on a new journey to save animals, provide homes to veterans while helping them rebuild their lives, protect Mother Earth and fund entrepreneurs with like-minded goals and missions. Our journey will be a successful one because I, and those that I surround myself with, know that it's about never giving up the fight.

Another source for inspiration is in one of our nation's greatest Presidents, President Abraham Lincoln. Most know of his successes in office, but few know what he went through throughout his life to get to where he could make the biggest difference. From the time he was born into poverty until losing the Senate race just two years before becoming the President of the United States, and ultimately losing his life in office, President Lincoln knew never to give up the fight.

"The Sense of Obligation to Continue is Present in All of Us. A Duty to Strive is the Duty of Us All. I Felt a Call to That Duty." - Abraham Lincoln

I feel that same call. #Fight

Erin Morrow - President, Wellness Wishes


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