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"Love Squared: A Journey of Healing" 2021

In 2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Major (Retired) Ken Landgren who graciously offered for me to read a paper he put together on his experience with PTSD and healing. After becoming greatly inspired from reading the paper, I worked with Ken to get his story up on our website for veterans or any others that might be struggling with PTSD to read and benefit from. Since February 2020, Wellness Wishes has featured "Love Squared: A Journey of Healing" from Ken Landgren on our Veterans page.

Over the past year or so, Ken has been working to perfect the paper - add to it his experiences and insight, as well as those from all that have commented on the paper and contacted him directly. I don't know if this paper will ever stop becoming a "work-in-progress", but what I do know is that his words have an amazing ability to touch your heart and soul while greatly impacting the healing process. It is Ken's hope, and mine, that this newly released version of "Love Squared" reaches as many military personnel, veterans and their families as possible in an effort to provide some hope and healing.

Please download and read "Love Squared: A Journey of Healing", while helping Wellness Wishes and Ken offer support, comfort and love to all those suffering from PTSD. You may download the paper on our Veterans page, and please leave a comment or message in the section below for Ken.


Hello I am MAJ (R) Ken Landgren. I was medically retired with PTSD in 2014. Needless to say it has been a rough 6 years, the first two years were the hardest for me. I don't lament having PTSD now. I see it as an opportunity to help others through my experiences. There have been times when I looked at a veteran in the eyes and said I know how you feel. Empathy and compassion is imperative in this world, and I think I have that.

I wrote a PTSD paper using my personal experience as a guide. I want to help folks by the strategy of painting the picture. When a commander commits to a battle, it is paramount to "Paint the Picture". The objective is to give you a better understanding in regards to PTSD. The second objective is providing realistic coping skills. This is like how you approach the battlefield.

I am by no means a medical professional. I am just a person who has PTSD. I can't guarantee I can help you. However, I would like to point out that many people attained a better understanding of PTSD after reading the paper. I am indulging in this endeavor because I want to help. I want to turn lives around. I want to help give your life back to you. I want to take a leadership role because that is what the military has taught me. I want you to accomplish the mission. The vision may be mine, but it is you who I want to cross the finish line. I want to help you win!

Please ask me questions should you have them. I can't promise I know all the answers, but I will do my best to accommodate you. Please don't be afraid to ask questions. I understand lives can be turned upside down, and perspectives on life can be challenging and different. I will be the first to admit it has hurt so much I had tears in my eyes. I have lost so much in the process. If you think you are at risk of hurting yourself, please get help. Ask for help. Find reasons to live, so you can keep fighting. Give the paper a chance. Give me a chance. The only thing I want is for you and your family to win!