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One More Podcast To Add To Your List

These days everyone is inundated with podcast apps and choices. Even for those avid listeners, your podcast wish list may seem never-ending. Whether or not you're devoted to daily listening, or the occasional listener, or neve have listened to a podcast in your life - Wellness Wishes has one that you have to check out this week!

I was extended a wonderful invitation to be a guest on the podcast led by veteran and veteran advocate Mike Callahan. Although Mike is recently retired as a Director and Adjunct Professor from the University of Xichigan's School of Business, and anyone that knows me knows that I am a Buckeye through and through, we had a delightful conversation and hope to have many more!

Mike is the managing partner at Callahan and Rose consulting, an organization focused on helping people be more empowered in the pursuit off their professional careers and within their respective organizations, helping them survive and ultimately flourish. Additionally, he authored I Inc., an effort that helps others embrace a context that will help them be more successful in their career pursuits. Rather than blindly sending out resumes, I Inc. helps the individual create a context to market themselves more effectively in today's ever-changing job environment.

Hence the I Inc. and Beyond Podcast series Mike puts on. Like Wellness Wishes, Mike has a passion and determination for helping people get the most out off their lives, whether that's a veteran in transition, a homeless veteran, or an everyday citizen looking for some purpose and direction. Last Friday I had the opportunity to talk with Mike on his recorded show that produced a wonderful conversation.

If you're into philanthropy, veterans, animals, getting involved in your community, corporate sponsorship or an overall feel-good project, then you need to check out this podcast. I discuss the general areas where Wellness Wishes strives to make an impact, with a special focus on our current projects Animal Wishes and The Dagaz Project (Animal and Veteran Sanctuary).

Go to Mike's website I Inc. and Beyond to listen to this short podcast in its entirety.

Thank you Mike - and thank you to all our supporters... without you we couldn't do all that we do!

Erin Morrow - President of Wellness Wishes


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