Join Us in Bringing Hope and Goodness to
Our Veteran’s Communities

Our nation’s selfless veterans are something we take very seriously; and our team works each day to make a positive impact.

Numerous Veteran’s programs are in the works with many more to come. Job training, education and staffing are ways we intend to support veterans in integrating into life after military. But some need more. Mental health services, support groups and the like should be readily accessible to every veteran, no matter their situation or location.  


No veteran (and their service-animal or companion animal) in America should ever be homeless or hungry – EVER. Regardless of the need, Wellness Wishes is the mechanism to convey the gratitude to our country by funding veteran assistance programs, and making a difference in their lives, as they have made in ours.

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Grant a Wish!

Join Wellness Wishes’ Veterans Ambassadors in Bringing Hope and Goodness to Our Veteran’s Communities. Grant a Wish and help Wellness Wishes make an impact in your community!

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Impacting lives

Providing hope

and healing




Last year, Major (Retired) Ken Landgren became part of the Wellness Wishes family when he graciously offered for us to read a paper he put together on his experience with PTSD and healing. We read through it and excitedly jumped on his offer to make this paper available for download here on our website. Ken's hopes are that it reaches as many military personnel, veterans and their families as possible in an effort to provide hope and healing. We wish for you to read this paper with as much enthusiasm as we did, and assist Wellness Wishes in offering support comfort and love to all those suffering from PTSD.

"Love Squared: A Journey of Healing" by MAJ (R) Ken Landgren








Wellness Wishes is addressing an important cause: veterans, their families and communities.  Our mission of the Veterans Ambassador Program is to integrate veterans into communities to engage public relations, drive engagement, promote awareness and raise funds regarding veterans’ issues; as well as interact personally with veteran’ groups, services and healthcare facilities.


What do Veterans Ambassadors Do?

  • Coordinate with Veterans Affairs Directors and Departments at colleges, universities and healthcare facilities

  • Develop and manage various funds for veteran’s assistance (education, skilled training, job placement, healthcare debt relief, housing and necessity assistance, and more)

  • Build and maintain relationships with other veteran’s-focused non-profits

  • Deliver innovative, holistic and alternative therapies to veterans at no cost

  • Working as a pet handler, they’ll bring pet therapy to veterans individually and through support groups and healthcare organizations

Lindsey Perkins is currently an Active Reservist at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, as well as part of the Security Forces and a Fire Team Leader, making her an expert in veterans affairs.  Her passion for finding many ways to assist our nation's veterans shines through when speaking to Lindsey. Currently in this role part-time, we’re looking forward to bringing Lindsey on full-time in the Veterans Ambassador position, and we're pleased to have her as Wellness Wishes' first ever Veterans Ambassador! 

Stephan Porter is recently retired from the Army community, but continues to serve his country by working with veterans in many ways and in different places of their careers.  His overall passion and sense of goodwill has already brought innovative insights to our programming, and we're excited to help Stephan assist veteran's efforts. Currently in this role part-time, we’re looking forward to bringing Stephan on full-time in the Veterans Ambassador position, and we're pleased to have him as a founding Veterans Ambassador! 



Finding forever homes

Saving multiple lives


The objective of our Rescued Wishes program is extremely powerful because it combines not one, but three areas of Wellness Wishes’ impact; and our mission is to save not one, but multiple lives by pairing rescued animals with forever, loving homes, placing them in the homes of veterans and first responder departments.  



Through this program, we'll be able to:

  • Save lives by rescuing animals from dangerous environments and situations, including kill shelters

  • Assist in pairing rescued animals in need of forever companions into safe and loving homes of our nation’s great veterans, and in first responder departments across the country

  • Provide a safe sanctuary for animals in temporary need of housing (ex: animals whose companions have been incarcerated, are undergoing recovery treatment, homeless seeking assistance, deployment, etc.)

  • Bring the amazing power of animal companionship and pet therapy to our veterans and first responder communities

  • Cover the cost of pet placement, as well as monthly expenditures for food and supplies

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