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Introducing Our 1st Veterans Ambassador, Lindsey Perkins

Lindsey Perkins is currently an Active Reservist at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, as

Lindsey Perkins: Air Force Reserve | Security Forces | Veterans Ambassador

well as part of the Security Forces and a Fire Team Leader.  Her experience in the data intelligence and healthcare fields, combined with her military experience makes her a valuable addition to our team.  Her passion, for finding many ways to assist our nation's veterans shines through when speaking to Lindsey, and we're pleased to introduce her as Wellness Wishes' first ever Veterans Ambassador! 

What is a Veterans Ambassador?

The objective of our Veterans Affairs Ambassador Program is to integrate veterans into communities to engage public relations, drive engagement, promote awareness and

raise funds regarding veteran’s issues; as well as interact personally with veteran’s groups, services and healthcare facilities.

What specifically does a Veterans Ambassador do?

  • Coordinate with Veterans Affairs Directors and Departments at colleges and universities to develop partnerships that will contribute to fundraising efforts for veterans through partnered healthcare organizations

  • Engage veteran’s hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations to drive fundraising efforts for veterans through claims audits

  • Develop and manage various funds for veteran’s assistance (education, skilled training, job placement, housing and necessity assistance, service animal and pet placement through our 'Rescued Wishes' program, etc.)

  • Oversee Wellness Wishes’ organic veteran’s assistance programming, as well as foster and maintain partnerships with other non-profits and organizations that also promote veteran programs and services

  • Some of our Veterans Ambassadors will also be working as a pet handler, bringing pet therapy to veterans individually and through support groups and healthcare facilities

Pet Therapy and Veterans

The amazing power of healing through animals has been known for ages and is now becoming more mainstream. In fact, today, Pet Therapy has completely changed how we interact with patients and those suffering from chronic physical and mental illness. We all know that warm, comforting feeling of a dog’s unconditional love, or the relaxation of a cat’s purr. Now, science tells us what we already know – pets are therapeutic! Research shows that just 15 minutes of interacting with an animal sets off a chemical reaction in the brain that lowers levels of stress-producing cortisol and increases the production of feel-good serotonin. The results are obvious. Recipients of pet therapy experience better heart rates and blood pressure and the immediate drop of stress levels. Long-term results can be lower cholesterol levels, overcoming and preventing depression, and possibly even protection against heart disease, stroke and dementia. Regardless of the scientific proof, it’s obvious that pets are so beneficial for veterans, particularly those that are aging, as well as those suffering from physical disabilities and/or mental illness, including PTSD.

The Pet Therapy Programs and Rescued Wishes Programs (more on Rescued Wishes later!) overseen by our Veterans Ambassadors are customized and flexible, based on local amenities and need, ‘wish lists’, and potentially other factors. Based on customization, Pet Therapy will be conducted on-site with the therapy handlers bringing a variety of pets, all with Therapy Pet Certifications.

While Lindsey is our very first Veterans Ambassador, we're looking forward to building this team and program, which will bring more and more Ambassadors to the veterans communities across the nation later this year and into 2020.

Wellness Wishes works with all types of veterans groups, organizations and other non-profits. If you would like to get involved in our Veteran's Programming (or any ot

her programming) and become a "wish grantor", contact us at any time!

Thank you and welcome, Veteran Ambassador Lindsey!


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