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Join Us In Impacting The SOCIAL Care Needs of Older Adults

Wellness Wishes is proud to promote the Virtual Brain Health Center, led in part by our very own Director for Successful Senior Aging, Pat Faust, launching October 5, 2020!

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted 3 vulnerable populations: 1) aging adults, 2) adults with cognitive impairment (dementia/Alzheimer’s disease) and 3) their carers (caregivers). 

About 70% of individuals with dementia live in community settings with 26% of individuals living alone (Alzheimer’s Association, 2020).

COVID-19 has disrupted their routines, leaving carers seeking additional assistance. Overnight, many people were left without service support that was an integral part of their daily lives and care plans for loved ones, their personal lifelong learning engagement, and their overall well-being were drastically impacted.

A large gap in meaningful, life enrichment programming that addresses holistic health (physical exercise, emotional well-being, lifelong learning/brain challenge, and social connectedness) is missing in the continuum of community-based service provision due to COVID-19 and is being demanded by individuals and their carers. 

As we enter the sixth month of the COVID-19 impact, the aging services sector has yet to address the social care needs of the older adults they serve.  Many community-based services were forced to rapidly close for the health and well-being of the individuals they serve such as adult day programs, senior centers, libraries, wellness centers, and lifelong learning programs. As these places are slowly re-opening (depending on their region) many people are hesitant to re-engage for a variety of reasons.

In planning for a sustainable solution to offer quality programming and services for aging adults and carers that can combat not only the COVID-19 crisis but also connect adults in the community, as well as, their carers- pushing former community-based services to an online/virtual format in a timely manner is simple step that can be taken. 

Driven by the vision to provide purpose for brain health optimization, the Virtual Brain Health Center is changing the way brain health services are offered to adults, carers, and providers. Offering authentic services through the latest technology to support brain wellness- at home or on the go! The center offers virtual brain-based classes, healthy brain check-ups, and resources. 

Brain health is for everyone and we serve the spectrum of wellness for adults.  The Center offers support to the following:

~ACTIVE aging adults looking for tools to support their well-being, 

~INDIVIDUALS with dementia or related health conditions seeking an engaging community,

~CARERS interested in a supportive community to build their personal wellness skills. 

The center intends to be a one-stop-shop for education and resources related to healthy aging, brain health, and memory care. The center is here to answer any questions about aging and the brain. 

Digital connections offer many rewards that can be explored and leveraged through the establishment of the Virtual Brain Health Center. COVID-19 demonstrates the use of technology as part of the long-term care continuum and community-based service provision for aging adults is here to stay both now and in the future. 

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