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"Metal Health" - Art Like You've Never Seen

Late last year, I had the wonderful privilege to meet Jay Elias. Jay is a veteran who has made it his life's mission to assist other veterans cope with mental health issues through art therapy, and his organization Evolution Art Studio. But it's not a traditional type of art therapy - it's working with metals. The result: Some pretty fantastic pieces of art!

Jay is based in Detroit, an area that has been hit particularly hard by the current crisis, but he's using this time to continue to make an impact with veterans through art therapy by producing his own pieces. Now, these pieces are for sale - with proceeds going to support art therapy services for veterans.

Once restrictions lift, Jay will be able to continue to hold events where veterans gather to forge their own type of therapy; and bystanders gather to witness the awesome process of a metal pour, while being able to purchase and take the pieces home as a constant reminder of beauty that can arise from darkness.

We're excited to help Jay bring his creativity and therapy to Columbus once we're able, but in the meantime, we're helping him spread the word and sell his art. We will vigorously continue to support innovative types of therapy for veterans, such as what Jay has to offer, and continue to give voice to the thousands of veterans suffering daily that have been amplified by the current 'crisis'.

You can view and purchase the art pieces below (as well as t-shirts and other art), and on 555-Evolution.

Thank you, Jay, for all the work you do to assist your fellow brothers and sisters! Stay safe!


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