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We've moved from "Response" to "REBUILD"

We're investing in our communities in a time where they need us most!

To address the crisis sweeping the nation earlier this year, Wellness Wishes created a new fund to its portfolio of offerings, assisting communities across the United States of America in standing strong when facing challenges and obstacles. We ran the initiative through quarter two, with great success. In keeping with our mission to assist communities during this time, we’ve transitioned the “response fund” to “rebuild fund”. Our process of divergent thinking holds the belief that the key to problem-solving is creativity…understanding what is and imagining what could be. We imagine a healthier, stronger America emerging from the crises.

During this time of uncertainty, we welcome communities to lean on us for support as we use our imaginations to turn what ‘could be’ into realities. Which is why we’ve transitioned into a special “Community Rebuild Fund” to help our fellow Americans create and control their own reality while thriving in the current environment, all while celebrating our great nation’s independence.

Our unique ‘Funding Advisors Claims Recovery’ program already invests in non-profits, organizations and individuals through our recovery efforts, traditionally infusing 20% of our fees back into the communities in which we serve. Now, through September 2020, we’ll be carving out an additional percentage of fees to go into community-specific funds, to be allocated at the discretion of our funding advisors and community partners.


Wellness Wishes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based out of Columbus, Ohio, serving the greater good nationwide. Through our various programs and services, we address four important areas of impact:

1. Underserved Areas in Healthcare

2. Veterans

3. First Responders

4. Conservation & Education


Funding Advisors Claims Recovery is the service outlet for a funding strategy implemented by Wellness Wishes. FACR conducts digital payment integrity analyses on zero-balance accounts and recovers lost revenue that hospitals, practices, clinics, emergency response departments and other healthcare organizations are unaware of as being “still owed”. These are not patient collections, billing errors, accounting or receivables, rather on claims that have been closed as ‘paid in full’ or ‘paid according to contract’. FACR offers a no-risk service, only collecting fees on funds we help identify and recover. Additionally, Wellness Wishes earmarks a certain amount of those fees to be invested philanthropically back into the community.

FACR was developed because over $125 BILLION is lost each year by the healthcare industry to the commercial and government health insurance payors. We turn these industry challenges into real-life opportunities for organizations to recover lost revenue and implement an innovative revenue cycle approach in our ever-changing healthcare climate.


Through FACR, Wellness Wishes is able to generate much-needed funds for healthcare organizations, while funding our programs, as well as those of our partners and the communities in which together we serve. While we’ve contributed 20% of our fees to these efforts, the “Community Rebuild Fund” will be a separate entity that will hold an additional percentage of our fees to be disbursed throughout the communities as needed. We’re building this fund through Quarter 3 2020 and managing the fund in collaboration with our newly formed partners during this time.

For more information on Wellness Wishes’ actions related to the current environment and events, to partner with, or to inquire as to Community Rebuild Funding, contact us at any time.

Thanks to all of you that help us grant wishes each and every day! Happy Birthday America - here's to a new year of being a little bit older and a lot wiser!


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