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What is a Wellness Wishes Funding Advisor?

Through Wellness Wishes, we assist healthcare organizations and first responder departments obtain much-needed funding. In doing so, we enlist the help of special team members that facilitate these relationships and manage funding efforts.

I'm pleased to welcome our newest Regional Director of Funding Advisors, Dr. Stephen Lee from the St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay, Florida area. More about "Dr. Steve" below, but first a little bit about our program that Steve, and others, are helping to facilitate across the country.

If you're familiar with Wellness Wishes, you know that we focus on 4 areas of impact:

  1. Underserved Areas of Healthcare

  2. First Responders

  3. Veterans

  4. Conservation & Education

All of these areas hold a special place in the heart of Wellness Wishes, and we strive each and every day to assist organizations, individuals and other non-profits devoted to these causes. Which is why we created our Funding Advisors Claims Recovery program.

Funding Advisors Claims Recovery (FACR, for short) is simply the service arm for one of our funding vehicles. Many things make Wellness Wishes unique, and what really allows

us to stand apart from other philanthropic organizations is an internal funding vehicle. We use our FACR program to not only fund our initiatives, but also fund healthcare organizations, first responder departments, as well as their foundations and other philanthropic partners.

Who's a good candidate for our FACR program? Nearly any organization that's billing health insurance claims: hospitals, healthcare systems, provider practices, surgery centers, specialty centers, labs, radiology centers - and also fire and emergency response departments that handle squad runs.

Through our FACR program, we identify and recover lost revenue for organizations. Many times, these organizations are not even aware that they have money owed to them. We do this at no risk, but the best part? We only collect fees on money we help the organization recover.

That part is really good, but the actual best part? We take a portion of our fees and re-integrate money back into these communities. It could be through hospital foundations, community enrichment projects, other non-profits, specific funds, fundraising campaigns and more.

This is a program that all of us at Wellness Wishes is extremely proud of, which is why, when I was introduced to Steve, I knew he'd be a perfect fit!

In addition to working with Wellness Wishes, Steve is the full-time Chief of Chiropractic services at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, which allows him to bring a passion for healthcare, coupled with a passion for serving our nation's military and veterans. He's also the President & CEO of Greater Good Enterprises, LLC, and an inventor at Ziivaa, LLC out of Sarasota, Florida.

His dedication and commitment to business endeavors are apparent, but what many don't see is the dedication and commitment he has to genuinely assist these organizations with funding strategies; and his suggestions for other non-profits and special causes for Wellness Wishes to help fund grows each and every day.

All of us at Wellness Wishes couldn't be happier to share our vision with a like-minded venture philanthropist; and we're looking forward to all the great things to come. Welcome Steve, Regional Director of Funding Advisors!


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