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End-of-Year Giving 2021
All of This Happens Because of People Like YOU!

All our investors and contributors are special to us at Wellness Wishes, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience in helping us fund initiatives that rebuild a healthier future for our nation's heroes and our planet!

How, specifically, would you like your contribution to be used for

The Dagaz Project in 2021?

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor?

Is volunteering or becoming involved in ways other than a contribution something to consider?

How can you make the biggest impact?

We’re committed to making sure you’re comfortable with these and other questions, and we want to make sure we’re interacting with you in ways that’s most beneficial to you as a Wellness Wishes family member.  Contact us to invest or to customize your contribution.  There are two ways you can contribute NOW to make an immediate impact this End-of-Year 2021:

online contribution

Go to the Year-End 2021 page for a summary of our efforts for

The Dagaz Project this End-of-Year effort. 


The Dagaz Project
For additional information, please see
The Dagaz Project page on here on our website.

YOU have the power to instantly make all of this happen!

We’ve created this year's End-of-Year campaign for everyone to contribute at various levels; every donation amount makes an impact! 


Please be sure to share this page with your family and friends because the more you share, the more wishes we’re able to grant. 


Your involvement is critical to our success of The Dagaz Project, and to the lives of so many veterans and animals. 

Thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

mail contribution

You may contribute by sending a check or money order contribution:


Print and fill out the donor form. Include the completed form with your contribution


Make contribution payable to Wellness Wishes Incorporated


In the note section, please indicate "Year-End 2021"


Mail form and contribution to:

P.O. Box 613 Lithopolis, Ohio 43136

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