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Conservation (and education surrounding conservation) are important elements of a healthy, sustainable environment, and we're bringing the message to the masses. 

By building relationships with those who shout this important message, and who commit to making an impact for our Mother Earth, Wellness Wishes ensures powerful communication and action, as well as funding, surrounding this all-important topic.

The mission through our Conservation effort is to eliminate political connotations, buzz words and phrases, and inflexible ideologies and attitudes when it comes to our planet.   


We challenge politicians and logo companies who tout change and protection for the environment, yet back actions that not only are lacking, but often do more harm than good. 


We question intentions of so-called climate activists, non-profits, foundations and environmental efforts to ensure they're not hiding behind false narratives and that their intentions are true and

truly positive in impact.


We stand behind American companies and industry, and know that outdated and antiquated practices don't always deserve the demonization that they often get; and we invite them to form new partnerships, collaborate new and improved ideas and work together for Mother Nature and her inhabitants. 

We fight for Mother Earth, the environment, ecosystems and all those in the animal kingdom -

consciously giving voice to all those without. 

Currently, we have a number of programs in various stages of development and management, all of which make us proud and excited to be able to bring to our communities. Programs under this area of impact can be pulled into one (or both) areas of sub-impact:

Protection & Sustainability for Mother Earth | Protection & Sustainability for Animals and Wildlife.


Join Wellness Wishes as we invest in a time where communities and their members need us most. Contact Us and help Wellness Wishes make an impact in your community!

Grant a Wish!

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Animal Rescue

In partnership with The Dagaz Project, the objective of Animal Wishes (Rescue and Therapy Home) is to save not one, but multiple lives by pairing rescued animals with forever, loving homes; while bringing the healing power of pet therapy to our communities.


  • Save lives by rescuing animals from dangerous environments and situations, including kill shelters

  • Be a mobilized unit during natural disaster relief to assist in the rescuing and relocation of displaced and animals in danger

  • Provide a safe sanctuary for abandoned senior pets to live out their days in comfort

  • Assist in pairing rescued animals in need of forever companions into safe and loving homes

  • Provide a safe sanctuary for animals in temporary need of housing (ex: animals whose companions have been incarcerated, are undergoing recovery treatment, homeless seeking assistance, deployment, etc.)

  • Provide a safe sanctuary, including discreet extraction, for animals that are caught in domestic violence situations until victims can be placed in a safe, secure environment

  • Bring the amazing power of pet therapy to our communities, through senior programming, at-risk youth, veterans, first responders and more



food waste

Meals for people in need

Job Placement and Training

Wishes on wheels

Our “Wishes on Wheels” program utilizes rescued food (to eliminate food waste) to provide nutritious, homemade meals to homebound individuals. The staff of culinary and nutrition experts will come in part, from those looking to gain education and credit in these fields, as well as veterans’ placement. Technological development of applications to order supplemental food and toiletries for home-bound individuals, and to be delivered with the meals, is also part of the program.  Additionally, staff of business administration and mechanics will come in part, from those looking to gain education and credit in these fields, as well as veterans’ placement. The education and sustainability focus of this program is multi-faceted and intended to assist in many levels of the community and its members.  


Other great features of Wishes on Wheels include:

  • Reducing food waste through food rescue programs

  • Mobile meal service, and mobile meal & necessity delivery

  • Educational credits & hands-on training; mentorships

  • Veterans placement and staffing

Multiple Areas





Wish Granted

Wellness Wishes can grant your wish through our ‘Wish Granted’ program, granting one wish at a time to an individual, cause or event. Impact Statements and Grant Applications will be accepted later in 2021, with more information to follow.

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