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Announcing Free UWAR Fitness Units to Veterans & Seniors During Pandemic

ALONG with customized fitness and rehab services for recipients!

How has the recent pandemic, lock-downs and restrictions affected you and your loved ones?

At Wellness Wishes, our mission is to assist those in need during this time, providing critical a fitness and rehab environment, along with customized training services, at no cost to them.

We've set a goal to place 5,000 UWAR units in each location of:

  • Columbus to Cleveland (Ohio) areas

  • Cincinnati to Indianapolis (Ohio to Indiana) areas

  • Southeast Section of Texas (San Antonio, Houston and Austin) areas

The UWAR units are designed for immobile and home-bound individuals in need of exercise, physical therapy and rehab instruction; and the benefits aren't just physical, but provide a much-needed mental boost during these crucial times, especially going into the winter months.

Exercise is provided in the comfort and safety of their own home as our aim is to provide veterans and seniors a SAFE and healthy environment without risking further injury and illness in germ-oriented facilities and unstable environments.

Recipients will receive a complimentary UWAR unit, along with installation,and 7 instructor-guided in-home training sessions.

In addition, Wellness Wishes' UWAR project provides jobs in the manufacturing and health & wellness industries, and all units are made in Ohio with the "Made in the USA" stamp of approval!

YOU CAN HELP US ACHIEVE OUR GOAL of placing 1,000 units for Giving Tuesday (December 1st, 2020). There are so many ways to contribute: contribution levels, clubs, corporate sponsorships, etc. Head on over to our UWAR project page to find out more.

Also on the page, find out how to become a recipient of the UWAR unit.

We're grateful for loyal supporters and contributors such as yourself - without you, we wouldn't be able to grant as many wishes!


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