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How To THRIVE During This Time

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Lori Koors and her wonderful organization, Seeds of Change as an official Wellness Wishes partner!

Having met Lori at the beginning of the year, I was immediately inspired by her passion

and obvious zest for life. She has a warm, inviting personality that is comforting to be around whether you're a friend or a client.

What she has to give to her community doesn't stop at wellness coaching however. In working through some potential scenarios with her, we quickly came up with a way for physician practices to offer her wellness coaching to patients at little or no cost through our Funding Advisors Claims Recovery program. As a result, she's changing the lives of those practices, as well as their patients. For information on how to implement her wellness coaching services at your practice at potentially no cost, contact either Wellness Wishes or Seeds of Change today!


Lori Koors is a true over-comer, having recovered from a major health condition by speaking positive words about her life, correcting her diet and by making choices in order to regain a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically and spiritually.​  Her passion for change was so great, so started Seeds of Change Nutrition

Having a degree as a Dietetic Technician Registered, she has also earned a Certification as a Health Coach and Weight Management Specialist to pursue her passion to coach others so they can regain their health and power as well, not only through good nutrition but also by conquering emotional eating through mindset work, stress management and behavioral habit changes. This produces weight loss that lasts a lifetime. Her clients experience renewed healthy & energy so they can fulfill their purpose and enjoy life again as she can today!

Lori works with both individuals and groups, using a clinically studied Weight Loss Program, along with her added special touches and mindful eating techniques which result in healthy habits that stick, not through dieting.

Lori is starting a Live Facebook Series called “How to THRIVE during this Time” which will also be available on the Seeds of Change Nutrition business Facebook page and Youtube Channel. This series will feature people she has met over the last 2 years while networking in the Columbus OH and surrounding areas with the goal of providing their expertise and services in areas that will help us all THRIVE with virtual resources we need in this unprecedented time.

Topics and professionals ranging from tutoring (free resources for parents home with their kids), hair tips from salon owners, who to turn to for help with your car repairs, creative ways to fund your nonprofit (especially times like these when donations may be down!), business loan advice...all of these, just to name a few. Lori will also be giving her expertise with tips on meal planning/prepping, recipes to do with the kids, how to curb stress eating, incorporate healthy foods to boost your immune system and more.

Come join Lori and her friends & colleagues for uplifting and positive talk which is so desperately needed at this time!

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