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Join Us in Welcoming Rodi Liv to the Family

Along with the newly formed partnership of Wellness Wishes and Lockton Companies.

As we put 2020 in our rearview mirrors, Wellness Wishes continues to grow and thrive, standing as a beacon of hope for those affected by the past year. We are honored to lead efforts for our communities to regain control and thrive in their own ways in the current climate. This can (and must) be done, and together we are making a positive impact.

Healthcare agencies remain as one of the highest impacted sectors, with both personnel and financial issues abounding. Many are facing financial fallout from the current crisis, and those that carried high debt prior are most susceptible, as are rural areas. For those already struggling, 2020 did nothing but take the focus off their already dwindling financials and personnel issues, thrusting them into the financial danger zone and unknown territory.

Patients are not the only group affected by the actions in 2020; staff, vendors, the entire community, and economic ecosystem of healthcare organizations suffer and sometimes fall completely apart. Regardless of where you are standing, it’s a bleak outlook for the nation’s healthcare system – a system already fragile and performing with enormous insufficiency.

Wellness Wishes cannot completely fix an already taxed and burdened system, but we can shine hope on healthcare organizations by assisting with funding through our Funding Advisors Claims Recovery program, as well as with a team of stellar healthcare professionals.

Funding Advisors Claims Recovery is the service outlet for a funding strategy implemented by Wellness Wishes. FACR conducts analyses and recovers lost revenue through organizational claims underpayments (and other revenue recovery) for hospitals, practices, clinics, emergency response departments and other healthcare organizations. FACR offers a no-risk service, only collecting fees on funds we help identify and recover. Additionally, Wellness Wishes earmarks a certain amount of those fees to be invested philanthropically back into the community.

FACR was developed because over $125 BILLION is lost each year by the healthcare industry, and our aim is to turn these industry challenges into real-life opportunities for organizations to recover lost revenue and implement an innovative revenue cycle approach in our current healthcare climate.

Enter our newest Advisory Board member, Rodi Liv - please join me in welcoming him to the Wellness Wishes family.

Rodi’s professional background includes over 20 years in healthcare and entrepreneurship, advocating for clients. He is an innovative leader who designs strategic business plans and models to meet client goals while solving their business needs, creating trust between organizations, and connecting innovative people and companies to one another. The result: creating a positive outcome for all parties.

Having co-founded Best Way Home Services, Rodi addresses a cause close to the heart of Wellness Wishes: Seniors and their Caregivers. Advocating true passion for this special population, Rodi utilizes his organization and connections to better serve the senior market. From home visits and housing, to financials and audits, while serving as a powerful voice for legislation, Rodi has made a tremendous impact in the senior and home care sector.

Most recently, Rodi has joined the team at The Lockton Companies, the world’s largest private independent insurance brokerage. Welcoming Rodi to the board is especially exciting for us at Wellness Wishes, as we are also able to announce our partnership with Lockton, a company that brings creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to their family-owned business.

Utilizing this powerful partnership, Rodi and his fellow reps will be able to couple the benefits of Wellness Wishes’ Funding Advisors Claims Recovery programming with existing stand-alone products offered by Lockton.

Remaining true to our venture philanthropy roots, Wellness Wishes commits a portion of the FACR fees back into the community. Fees from clients that Lockton and Wellness Wishes works in tandem will contribute to the first ever collaborative fund offered by Wellness Wishes, the Lockton-Wellness Wishes Fund. Utilizing these resources, we are contributing back to the communities philanthropically, financially helping organizations thrive in those environments.

Rodi is no stranger to non-profit initiatives, being also active with Able Shepherd, an organization dedicated to school, corporate, church, and civic security, while working with veterans and first responders. Operating from the belief that your family’s immediate safety cannot be delegated, Able Shepherd is an elite-level self-defense program that utilizes both armed and unarmed tactics. Graduates (“Able Shepherds”) are able to empower themselves to actively protect, guide, and strengthen their communities – a creed close to home with Wellness Wishes.

Now, more than ever, our communities and their citizens need guidance and assistance, and Wellness Wishes is rising to the challenge, addressing important causes with passionate people and innovative ideas. Together we can make a positive impact, and we are honored to be doing this with Rodi.


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