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“Official Partnership and Addition of a Veterans Ambassador Team Member”

Working together to serve communities during a time when they need us the most.


The mission of AR Billing Services is to provide and maintain accounts receivable solutions personalized to meet the needs of our clients and their plan for future growth. By distinguishing ourselves as an honest, responsive receivables management organization, we hope to expand our partnerships in the healthcare industry and continue to earn the trust of our clientele.

Incorporated in 1999, AR Billing Services began as a debt collection company but ceased all debt operations in 2014 to focus exclusively on non-default, self-pay patient receivables.

We offer your patients a dignified solution that preserves your relationship and rescues at-risk balances from the collections process. We interface with a variety of platforms and can offer a wide array of online payment options, a full-service call center that makes outbound calls, statement processing, and financial assistance identification. Services can begin at Day 1 of Self-pay, or later in the cycle, according to our client’s needs.


Having begun a partnership in 2018, both Wellness Wishes and AR Billing have re-committed to a more formal partnership where they are working together for the greater good. Having synergistic offerings through AR’s accounts receivables solutions, and Wellness Wishes’ FACR programming, together they assist healthcare organizations of all types and sizes maximize revenue while contributing much-needed philanthropic funding to the communities.

You can check out AR Billing on the Wellness Wishes Partners Page.


John Hanson recently joined the AR Billing team as their new Director of Business Development. In this role, he’ll be able to provide double the impact and double the value to AR’s existing and potential client base by also offering the FACR programming.

To further build the benefits delivered to communities and organizations, John has also come on as Wellness Wishes’ newest Veterans Ambassador. Together with Lindsey Perkins and Stephan Porter, they’re making an impact in veteran communities, providing funding, resources and assistance where it’s most needed.

A veteran of the Army National Guard, Air Defense Artillery, John’s passion for philanthropy, fundraising, healthcare and veteran issues make him a natural fit for the Wellness Wishes Ambassador team and we couldn’t be more happy to have him spearhead our veterans efforts here in Columbus and beyond.

You can check out John, as well as Lindsey and Stephan - all of our Veterans Ambassadors - on our About Us Page.

For more information on Wellness Wishes, our FACR programming, AR Billing, or our veteran programs and services, visit or contact us at any time.


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