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Underserved Populations
Address areas that might not get the full attention they deserve

No one knows better than we do how broad the term ‘wellness’ is. There can be countless definitions, and we don’t propose to be a 'wellness' organization. 

What we do propose is to address areas within healthcare and other segments of the population that might not get the full attention they deserve - ones that need our full attention as a society. Rural healthcare and services, hospital and community foundations, caregiver well being, senior & home-bound wellness, and children in general are some key areas we focus on. 


Grant a Wish!

Join Wellness Wishes as we invest in a time where communities and their members need us most. See details on our newly created 'Community Rebuild' Fund, and help Wellness Wishes make an impact in your community!

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Successful Senior Aging

Successful Senior Aging – a multi-faceted program to ensure support for seniors at a time most needed:








Everything starts and stops with your brain. Our unique program provides practical tools to rescue your brain, at any age, and especially for seniors.  Through programs designed by Patricia Faust, Wellness Wishes’ Director of Successful Senior Aging, you’ll learn how to harness the power to change your brain and learn lifestyle skills to create a resilient brain. These programs are perfect for any type (or any degree of care) of senior living facilities, or senior resource centers. All or partial fundraising cost and management may be provided by Wellness Wishes to ensure optimal brain fitness and overall well-being for our communities seniors. To learn more about this program, or apply to be a participant click the button below.


All or partial fundraising cost and management may be provided by Wellness Wishes to ensure optimal brain fitness, overall well-being, patient engagement and satisfaction, as well as senior training for staff and customized wellness solutions for the caregivers





Caregiver Wellness

Being a caregiver can be the most rewarding and the most challenging thing you ever do.  The demands can be unending.  Our "Reclaim Your Brain" program will help you understand how the stress you are under is damaging your own body and brain. A perfect inclusion to employee programming in facilities such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Continuous Care Retirement Communities, Long Term Care, and Long Term Acute Care. The curriculum contains strategies and tools to reclaim your brain and improve your health.

A few of the many benefits include:

  • Learning how many factors (lifestyle, emotions, cognition, stress, life events, etc.) affect your brain and your body;

  • Learning the importance of self-care in your demanding role of caregiver;

  • Learning the importance that being connected to other people has on your cognitive and emotional state. 





Community Enrichment

Our Community Enrichment efforts facilitate community cooperatives that attract attention, participation and partnerships from community resources, mostly within the rural healthcare sector, while serving as their fundraising strategist. 

Our objective is in improving the quality of rural healthcare and accessibility; and believe it is essential that we rebuild rural priorities. Vulnerable rural communities are struggling. How do you continually improve the quality of healthcare if resources are lacking? One of the biggest challenges facing communities that are seeking change and improvement is knowing where to start.  Optimizing the community to increase revenues and decrease costs can often be hard to envision. Innovation requires investment. Wellness Wishes is your community investor. To learn more about this program contact us today!

Community Response Fund
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