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From the Desk of Pat

Our Director for Successful Senior Aging, Pat Faust, has such a wonderful heart and tireless spirit, we're so happy to have her as part of our efforts here at Wellness Wishes. Every Friday, you can check out her blog, My Boomer Brain, for lots of great information regarding brain health and fitness. This week, she included a little note, which I thought was necessary to share because it addresses so many important causes - and because she says such nice things about us here at Wellness Wishes. Check out this 1 minute read and get your benevolence in for the weekend!


What’s Happening? 02/04/21

I am thinking philanthropy at this moment. It is not that I am seeking donations, but there are two nonprofits that I am affiliated with that could use your help.

I am on the planning committee for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This organization has a lot of very passionate volunteers that work endlessly to raise money for research for the first survivor of Alzheimer’s disease. Right now, is the start of a new campaign for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. You will hear more about it as we move along throughout this year. The Walk this year is on October 2, and it is going to be a live walk again!

My second nonprofit that I am passionate about is Wellness Wishes. From the moment that I saw the vision that Erin Morrow, founder of Wellness Wishes, had to help first responders, veterans, animal rescue, and underserved seniors, I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I will primarily be working with the Animal and Veteran Sanctuary. This is known as The Dagaz Project. Take a look at the website:

The website is beautifully put together and offers explanations on each project, as well as provides a way to donate to the project of your choice. Wellness Wishes makes me feel so good on the inside and that is such a nice break from our world situation.

Finally, I want to mention the Virtual Brain Health Center. The excitement is growing over the programming VBHC has put together for global Brain Awareness Week. I have included a flyer about the experts and the programs they will be giving. Best of all – this entire week is FREE. You need to register at VBHC to take advantage of this amazing list of programs. Go to

Take good care of yourself,



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