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What's Better Than "Made in the U.S.A."?

Filling various jobs right here in America - and filling them with our hometown heroes: Veterans!

Our UWAR Projects launched about a month ago, and it was met with such great success that last week we expanded the project to include more geographic regions and make an impact for even more seniors and veterans.

You can check out our UWAR Projects under our Current Events tab, but the bottom line is that we're changing lives and saving lives during this critical time by placing a much-needed fitness, rehab and recovery unit with home-bound, immobile seniors and veterans, along with in-home fitness and therapeutic instruction for the unit.

Together with our partner, Ultimate Workout and Recovery, we have committed to placing these units with seniors and veterans all across the county, but we're starting with 3 areas:

  • Central Ohio to Northeast Ohio (Columbus to Cleveland areas)

  • Southwest Ohio to Central Indiana (Cincinnati to Indianapolis areas)

  • Southeast Texas (San Antonio, Austin to Houston areas)

The impact we're making in these areas speaks for itself, but we're making an even greater impact by supporting our great country and it's heroes.

The UWAR units were designed, and all manufacturing complete, in the Northeast Ohio region. This means much-needed jobs to the area. Back-up manufacturing locations are chosen throughout Ohio and also Indiana, and they will never be manufactured outside of the country.

UWAR and their manufacturing partners are also committing to hiring veterans to staff manufacturing positions to fill our orders.

Additionally, jobs will be created in each of the 7 cities and across the 3 regions. When Wellness Wishes places a UWAR unit with seniors and veterans in their homes, that unit (which they keep) comes with installation and 6-8 customized, in-home personal training and/or physical therapy sessions to ensure they're maximizing the benefit of the unit, thereby maximizing their overall health and wellness.

Which means that Wellness Wishes is looking to hire personal trainers, exercise physiologists, home healthcare professionals, physical therapists and similar experts to fill these roles in each of the above mentioned cities.

One of Wellness Wishes' primary area of focus us to assist the veteran population, and we have always been committed to hiring and working with veterans. The UWAR Project is no exception. In fact, we're even in the process of becoming accredited as a "veteran certified employer", committing to building our veteran team bigger and stronger than ever.

Are you a health, fitness and wellness professional in one of the 7 cities? Are you looking for a role that allows you to do more good and make an impact? Are you a veteran, healthcare professional as mentioned above and in one of these cities? If so, we'd love to explore you being a part of the Wellness Wishes team. Contact us any time!

Fore more information on the UWAR Projects, click on our special page.

To become a contributor or sponsor a UWAR unit and change a life, click on our 'Contributions and Clubs' page.

To donate and make an immediate impact, you can contribute online.

If you area a veteran or senior in one of the 7 cities, 3 regions and would like to apply to receive a UWAR unit and personal instruction sessions at no cost to you, fill out the application below on the project page and return to Wellness Wishes.

Much appreciation to all our partners, supporters, contributors, and team members - we couldn't all we do without YOU, so thank you for helping us GRANT A WISH!

Wellness Wishes UWAR Application EDITFOR
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