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"Blessed to Serve Those Who Serve"

What Veteran's Day means to Dr. Stephen Lee

Dr. Stephen Lee serves our nation's veterans and military personnel on a daily basis as Chief of Chiropractic on a military base; he serves our nation's veterans and many many more on a daily basis as our Regional Director of Funding Advisors. Both callings require dedication and passion, and also innovation and action. Please join us in continuing to honor our nation's warriors all week long and check out what Veteran's Day means to our very own Dr. Steve!

Dr. Stephen Lee | Chief of Chiropractic | Regional Director of Funding Advisors

I work with our veterans and active duty military on a daily basis as the Chief of Chiropractic on a military base here in Tampa, FL. To limit this recognition to a single day or month is doing them a great disservice. I'm reminded, on a daily basis, the dedication, selflessness, honor, and sacrifices our amazing men and women in uniform make day in and day out. I'm truly blessed to serve those who serve...and am equally honored to be able to further my service to our military heroes by being a part of Wellness Wishes!

Chiropractic care and other forms of alternative and holistic therapies are vital to addressing the medical needs of our veterans. Which is why Wellness Wishes fully supports the efforts of Victory for Veterans (a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing/eliminating veteran suicide) and their wellness center initiative. Their goal to place wellness centers in key cities across America is much needed for both veterans and first responders. These wellness centers will provide holistic and alternative therapies to both veterans and first responders at no cost to them. You can find out more by following the Victory for Veterans page on our site, and support their cause!

Additionally, Wellness Wishes has two key campaigns in place that directly serve our nation's warriors: Veterans Ambassador program and Rescued Wishes. You can find out more about our Ambassador program here on our site, and meet Lindsey Perkins, our first Veterans Ambassador. In case you missed yesterday's blog from Lindsey and what Veteran's Day means to her, you can check it out here. More information is also provided on our Rescued Wishes program, a program that places rescued animals in loving homes of veterans and first responder departments, covering the total cost of placement and care.

We need your help to expand both of these programs and reach as many veterans, first responders and animal's lives as possible. Head on over to our Grant a Wish page and help us grant a wish today! You can even become a founding member of one of our various clubs, including Veteran's Club, First Responder's Club or Love for Living Creatures Club.

Happy Veteran's Day "week" from the Wellness Wishes Family, and thank you for helping us grant a wish today!


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