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Spooky Good Stuff!

This week is a first for Wellness Wishes - this week, we launched our first fundraising campaign...well, we actually launched five! In the spirit of Halloween coming up this Thursday, I thought we'd highlight all the spooky good stuff we have in the works, and all the great programs, services and family members our campaigns are devoted to.

Join the Wellness Wishes Family and Help Us Shape Initiatives That Rebuild a Healthier Future for the Greater Good

Because so many worthy causes need our help, we're asking for your help! With Wellness Wishes four branches of impact, and many wonderful programs under each branch, you're sure to find a cause close to your heart.

So you're dying to know what campaigns we recently launched? Check out a summary of each below (and contact us for a more detailed executive summary on each), and decide where you would like to make an impact!

ANIMAL RESCUE & PET THERAPY | We’re addressing an important cause: animals and their valuable place in our communities. The mission of our Animal Rescue & Pet Therapy Initiative is to save not one, but multiple lives by pairing rescued animals with forever, loving homes and providing safe refuge; while bringing the healing power of pet therapy to our communities.

RESCUED WISHES | We’re addressing an important cause: placing companion and therapy animals with veterans and first responders. The mission of our Rescued Wishes program is extremely powerful because it combines not one, but three areas of Wellness Wishes’ impact; and our mission is to save not one, but multiple lives by pairing rescued animals with veterans and first responder departments.

SENIOR & CAREGIVER PROGRAMMING | We’re addressing an important cause: seniors, their families and caregivers. Our mission is to place much-needed funding into senior facilities, while fully funding programs for seniors and their caregivers that are integral in overall health and wellness, as well as resident satisfaction and retention.

VETERANS AMBASSADOR | We’re addressing an important cause: veterans, their families and communities. Our mission of the Veterans Ambassador Program is to integrate veterans into communities to engage public relations, drive engagement, promote awareness and raise funds regarding veterans’ issues; as well as interact personally with veteran’ groups, services and healthcare facilities.

GENERAL CATALYST FUND | Wellness Wishes strives every day to make a difference in four branches of impact: Underserved Areas in Healthcare, Veterans, First Responders, and Conservation & Education. Our vision is to fund and deliver innovative and collaborative programs and services, while working with other non-profits to create a holistically healthier environment for all.

Need more information on any of the campaigns? No problem! Contact us any time and we can provide further details, including comprehensive executives summaries on each, and answer any questions you might have.


How can you join the Wellness Wishes family? Lots of ways!

  • BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR | With 5 contribution levels, you'll be able to find the perfect fit. Contact us for a complete Contribution Summary, or head on over to the 'Contributions & Clubs' page.

  • BECOME A FOUNDING CLUB MEMBER | With 4 different clubs, you can join any or all as a founding member and be truly devoted to your cause(s) of choice (Young Professionals Club, First Responder Club, Veterans Club, Love for Living Creatures Club). Contact us for a complete Contribution Summary, or head on over to the 'Contributions & Clubs' page.

  • PARTNER WITH WELLNESS WISHES | Join other non-profits and like-minded organizations to partner with us and make an even bigger impact. Partner page on the website coming soon!

  • VOLUNTEER | We're always looking for high-energy, devoted individuals to help us spread our mission.

  • RAISE FUNDS FOR A CAUSE CLOSE TO YOUR HEART | With our internal funding vehicle, Funding Advisors Claims Recovery, we're able to raise funds for not only our programs and services, but for your philanthropy efforts and organizations as well.

  • TELL US A STORY | We're always looking for new and innovative ideas to bring to our communities. If you have a cause close to your heart and an idea on how Wellness Wishes can get involved, we'd love to hear your story!


All our family members, contributors and founding club members are special to us at Wellness Wishes, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience in helping us fund initiatives that rebuild a healthier future for the greater good!

What fund would you like to contribute to?

How, specifically, would you like your contribution to be used in those funds?

Is volunteering or becoming involved in other ways something to consider?

How can you make the biggest impact?

We’re committed to making sure you’re comfortable with these and other questions, and we want to make sure we’re interacting with you in ways that’s most beneficial to you as a Wellness Wishes family member. Contact us to begin customizing your contribution and benefits package. In doing so, we’ll ensure you’re placed in the contribution category or club as a founding member, that’s just right for you.

Your involvement is critical to our success and to the lives of so many people and animals each and every day, so thank you for helping us grant a wish today!

Happy Halloween from the Wellness Wishes Family!


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